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Tuesday 19th January


Today's activity is a drawing task!


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Monday 18th January


Your task today is to invent different types of goblin!


Cool - create 2 types of goblin with key facts

Warm - create 3 types of goblin

Boiling - try to use a different conjunction in each key fact about each goblin!


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Friday 15.1.21


Today, you have a list of WOW words you can learn. Go through them and write a sentence.


Cool - 5 sentences

Warm - 8 sentences

Boiling - 12 sentences


Sentences (15.1.21).mp4

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Thursday 14.1.21


Today you have to make a comic.

You have few sentences at the bottom of the document, place them in the correct box and draw a picture.


Warm task is to open the document and complete it.

Boiling task is to create your own comic based on the story using speech bubbles.

Comic (14.1.21).mp4

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Wednesday 13.1.21


Today, you need to become a text detective. Treerumple is struggling to find the answers and needs your help. Find the clues in the text and write the answers.


Don't forget the capital letters at the beginning of the sentences!!!



Literacy comprehension (13.01.21).mp4

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Tuesday 12.1.21


Following the text from yesterday, today we are going to complete a quiz. 

Read the story again and answer the 6 questions that Treerumple has prepared for you.



Quiz (Tuesday 12.1.21).mp4

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Monday 11.01.21


Today's activity is about a reading book, "The Impossibly possible Bookshop".


Read the story and complete the activity at the end. You can also listen to the story by clicking on the link provided just before the story starts.

Literacy (Monday 11.01.21).mp4

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The resources below are for future lessons - you do not need to access these yet.

Wednesday 20th January

Thursday 21st January

Friday 22nd January