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Español en Leedon




We are delighted to introduce ESPAÑOL (Spanish) at Leedon! All of our students from Early Years to Year 4 are experiencing the joys of learning a foreign language.


At Leedon our pupils have an early introduction to primary languages in order to prepare them for KS2 through songs, games and story reading. In KS1 children will start learning songs, basic vocabulary and some instructions which will give them a head-start in KS2 and will develop the right attitude towards other cultures and language learning.


Did you know that Español is spoken in over 20 countries around the world? España is the closest one to us but Español is also spoken across the Atlantic ocean in many South American countries such as ArgentinaMexico and  Colombia



no Can you locate England on the map? Is it far from España (Spain)?





These are our topics for this term

- La ropa (clothes)

- Las partes del cuerpo (Parts of the Body)





Partes del cuerpo (parts of the body) -- We are learning the parts of the body and how to describe it.

La ropa

1st Term - During this term we've been doing many activities about:

- los objetos de la clase (the objects in the classroom),

- la familia (the family),

- el tiempo (the time),

- el tiempo (weather) and

- Navidad (Christmas).


Here there are some of our works.

Objetos de la clase - 2o Primaria (year 2), 3o Primaria (year 3) y 4o Primaria (year 4)

La familia (matching pairs) - 1o PRIMARIA (year 1)