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Reading Gladiators

The Clockwork Crow

Hello, part 2!


Meeting set for today at 2:30pm!


You will need to have Zoom installed on your device (click here to install it) in order to join our meeting.


I have scheduled the meeting, and our meeting code is:




You can test before hand by using this code, and it should take you to a scheduled meeting called 'Reading Gladiators Session 1'.


Remember, you don't need to have read any of the Clockwork Crow to take part in our first session.


Hope to see you all there! Bring cake.

Help! I'm confused!

If this is all confusing you, and you need some help, contact me below and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible! I may not be able to reply after 2pm!

Hello, Reading Gladiators!


Hopefully, with the help of Mr Benson and Mrs Janes, you all have your books now. I'd like to try to continue with Reading Gladiators whilst we are away from school, and do this (with your parents' permission) through an app called Zoom (which your parents will need to install on a device).


This means we can have a video chat about Clockwork Crow, and it should run exactly the same as it does at school. Now, this first week will be a bit of an experiment, so if it all falls apart and we have to come up with a Plan B, it's not the end of the world. 


I will send out a link, and a time, for our first meeting tomorrow, but I will only send it to people who have replied to the form below. If you would rather just enjoy the book yourself, and not take part in the chat, that's absolutely fine. 


For our first session (as I know some of you haven't read any of Clockwork Crow yet), I'd like to just cover our thoughts about The Killer Ladybirds, and then move on to first thoughts on Clockwork Crow, which shouldn't require any reading (but it's OK if you have read some).


I'd like to request that you don't read past chapter 6 (i.e. don't read chapter 7 onwards), as we can use that for our basis of next week's session.


Please respond below if you are happy to join our video chat tomorrow (I will confirm the time tomorrow morning). If you'd like to respond just to say that you won't be taking part, that's OK too.



Mr Neill