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Computing at Leedon Lower School




At Leedon, our intention is to give our children the tools they need to become confident, creative and responsible digital learners in a world where the technology we use is constantly changing and developing. We teach these skills both through discrete computing lessons and throughout the rest of the curriculum.  

Our computing curriculum is designed to ensure that our children: 

  • Understand computers and hardware, including how computer systems are programmed and designed 

  • Confidently and competently use existing applications to solve problems and create content.  

  • Understand how to stay safe, be responsible and be respectable as citizens in a digital world. 




To aid progression through each year of study, our curriculum is divided into five key areas, each of which is covered repeatedly throughout the year. These are: 

  • E-safety  

  • Programming 

  • Multimedia 

  • Technology in our Lives 

  • Handling Data 

Our children are taught the skills they need to progress in these areas through discrete lessons taught in a termly unit. Our planning scheme - from Somerset eLIM - combines core units with optional units. This flexibility enables us to create richer and deeper links with our existing creative curriculum, while ensuring coverage and progression of key Computing skills. Teachers are encouraged to tailor these units to the unique experiences and understanding of their classes.  

To aid our delivery, we have a variety of desktop computers, laptops, iPads and windows tablets situated around the school. These devices allow for both whole class Computing lessons and use across the wider curriculum.  




Our approach to the curriculum results in enjoyable and engaging Computing lessons which also optimise progression through the school. This minimises gaps in children’s learning, as well as revisiting and eliminating misconceptions throughout the scheme. Our children are creative and resilient digital learners, who develop our key values of perseverance, responsibility and cooperation. 

Becoming a Computational Thinker

Our Computing Curriculum

Our Computing Learning Keys can be found by clicking the link below: