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Year 3 Topic


Help to prepare a lunch or dinner one day this week. Then write a set of instructions explaining how to make it. Remember to include a few sentences at the beginning to persuade someone else why they might want to make it, a list of ingredients and a numbered list of steps on how to make it, including time conjunctions, specific direction on what to do, adverbs and imperative verbs to give instructions eg. carefully put, gently mix, quickly stir, slowly chop.

Look at recipes for examples. 



In Maths we have been looking at measuring in mm, cm  and m, finding equivalent measurements and comparing measurements across mm, cm and m. As well as this, we have been drawing shapes, measuring sides and calculating perimeter. Some have been extending their learning by recording measurements using decimals. 

Prior to this, we were focusing on using money, adding and subtracting money and calculating change. Any further work on these areas would help to reinforce school learning. 

Maths Plan 30.3


Below you will find lots of Literacy activities. Some are short Spelling, Punctuation And Grammar activities (SPAG), others are Literacy and Spelling mats. If you completed one of these a day, that would be great. Remember that some activities are marked with ... 

* = cool task (LA)

** = warm task (MA)

***= boiling task (HA)

I have also included some Pobble images. There are several activities for you to choose from for each image: story starter, sick sentences, question time, sentence challenge and perfect pictures. Try to do a couple of piece of longer writing each week. You do not need to print all these resources. They can be written out on paper. 

Year 3 and 4 Spelling Activities - Look up each word in a dictionary to check the meaning. Write a sentence that includes the word in the correct context.

Year Three Curriculum Overview