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More Detailed Literacy Planning Overview for Week Beginning 06.07.20

More Detailed Literacy Planning Overview for Week Beginning 29th June 2020

More Detailed Literacy Planning Overview Week Beginning 22.06.20

Document outlining definitions of words used in Literacy and rules to be followed around adding speech.

Literacy - Guidance and Resources

Below you will find lots of Literacy activities. Some are short Spelling, Punctuation And Grammar activities (SPAG), others are Literacy and Spelling mats. If you completed one of these a day, that would be great. Remember that some activities are marked with ... 

* = cool task (LA)

** = warm task (MA)

***= boiling task (HA)

I have also included some Pobble images. There are several activities for you to choose from for each image: story starter, sick sentences, question time, sentence challenge and perfect pictures. Try to do a couple of piece of longer writing each week. You do not need to print all these resources. They can be written out on paper. 

SPAG Mats Summer - Remember *=cool, ** = warm, ***=boiling - Look for the right task for you.