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RE - Thursday 4 March


Today, we would like you to watch the video of the teachers sharing the Easter story (below).  Please pause the video when it asks you to and think about the questions.  

The Easter Story.mp4

Still image for this video
In today's RE lesson, we looked at what new life we might see around Easter time.  We will be looking at the Easter story in detail over the next few weeks but for today, can you please share what you already know about Easter?  It might be something religious (why it's celebrated) or it might be something secular (what might I find in the shops around Easter?).

RE - 4 Feb 2021.

As part of our unit of work on sacred and special places, we would normally visit All Saints Church in Leighton Buzzard.  Sadly, this is not possible this year.  Instead, we would like you to watch these videos and use them to take a virtual tour of a church.

After you've watched the videos, you have a choice of activities:-

- Either draw (and label) the most important objects in a church, or,

- (For more confident writers), make a guidebook/leaflet for the church - try to pick 3 or 4 objects, draw them and say what they are and how they are used in church 


Part One - (4min 54s)

Part Two - (2:37)

Part Three - (3:41)

Part Four - (3:15)

Part Five - (5:40)