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Online Safety

Most consoles have a huge selection of parental controls available to use - and these are usually disabled 'out of the box', which means that lots of people are not aware exactly what they can do.

For example, on the Xbox One, parental controls can enable you to give each member of your family a different user account. In each different account, you can:

  • Filter internet content to stop children accessing adult content.
  • Limit the age certificates of games children can access (for example, it can allow them to play only games which have a 'PEGI' rating under 12).
  • Limit the TV and films available to a user to a certain age rating.
  • Block purchasing apps or downloading free apps without permission.
  • Set a daily or weekly 'time limit', which will lock them out after a certain period of time.

Please see the links below for details of how to set parental controls for a range of consoles and other gadgets.

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