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Topic Lesson 8.7.20

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Thank you to Oli S who gave me an update on his bread experiment. The slice which he touched without washing his hands has gone mouldy first!

Here are my slices of bread - I am slightly concerned over the quality of the bread I'm eating! Maybe it's made out of plastic! Nothing has happened to any of them! 

Topic lesson 1.7.20

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This recipe is a little more complicated than the others this week but I will teach you how to make unicorn poop meringues whilst you learn the skills of separating eggs and whisking! Good luck.

The recipe told me to set my cooker at 175 degrees - but it burned my poops!

The other recipes I have (since) read suggest 100 degrees!

Don't burn your poops!

What they're meant to look like...

Vs my poor, burned unicorn poops...

Wednesday 24.6.20

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Quite a short task today - watch this video on food groups and talk to your family about what you've discvered.

Wednesday 17.6.20

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Can you make some healthy insect-looking snacks?

These were the inspiration for the task...

Detailed Drawing 

Watch for today's activity.....

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Wednesday's Topic lesson, not Thursdays! 🙊🙊🙊

Today you will need:

  • Plain paper
  • A sharp pencil
  • Either a piece of fruit, a vegetable or some photos from below ⬇️
Vegetable photos