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Welcome back to 'Leedon home schooling' and firstly well done!! We have been closed now for 11 school days, but is does seem much longer. Your children, like my own, are probably missing their friends and the social side of school. They may even be missing school and its structure, others will relish freedom to learn how and when they want.  


We went from a full time, on site school to a virtual school with little contact with families, overnight. The staff at Leedon are every day moving with the times and developing new ways to support you and your children. There are new ideas on the website for you to do as much or as little as you feel is appropriate for your family in these 'strange' times.


Our main job as parents and teachers is to make sure our children get through these times happily and with a positive attitude to school and life. If we manage to also do a bit of learning, great, but don't beat yourself up if this isn't always possible. School will return and teachers will work their magic and fill any gaps!!


My wife and I have also been trying to juggle 'home schooling' alongside our jobs and it is unbelievably hard (for all those concerned!!). Give me 400 children at school anytime over the two I have at home! 


We have added BBC Bitesize and also National Academy links to the website today. They are there for you only if you need or want to use them, we just felt that they may be useful and thought we would share them. 


Finally, stay positive, stay safe and support your children in the best way that you can to keep them smiling. Teachers and school are only a phone call or email away and we are all here to help. We cannot wait to get back to school, but this will only happen when it it is safe for everyone to do so.


Thank you for your support and well done everyone.


Richard Benson

Head Teacher

Leedon Virtual Online Family