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Chef Tony introduces our new topic; Big Chef, Little Chef.

Chef Tony's challenges for week two.

Here is a fun activity if you like weighing using scales.

Where does chocolate come from and how is it made?

Take a look inside a real chocolate factory to learn how chocolate is created, ready for you to buy in the shops.We'll also take a closer at cacao seeds and ...

Brilliant Bananas: from field to fork

Learn about how bananas travel from the plantations in Costa Rica to the supermarket shelves in the UK.For lots of useful resources and activities to accompa...

Prickly Pineapples: from farm to fork

It takes an amazing 12 months for a pineapple to be ready for harvest after it's planted. Watch the incredible journey it makes from the fields of Costa Rica...

Prickly Pineapples: from farm to fork

Can you spot the dangers in this kitchen?

Mars Class