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Week 3 - Tuesday 19.01.21


Today's activity is about rivers and seas. We are going to learn the main rivers and seas in UK and answer few questions.


1- Click on the 1st link to learn about the rivers and play a game.

2- Watch the 2nd video
3- Answer the questions

4- Research, using google maps or an atlas, the main rivers and seas in UK and label the map (choose only 1 between cool, warm and boiling).


Activity 3


  • What is a river?
  • What are the key parts of a river?
  • What is a meander?
  • How do humans benefit from rivers?
  • What are the potential negative things about living near a river?

Thursday 14.1.21


Today's activity is to interview someone about Leighton Buzzard.


Click on the picture to watch few videos about how to interview someone.



You can use the document below as a template or write your own one on piece of paper. Remember it has to be well presented with no spelling mistakes. 


Take your time to think the questions. You can use some as: Have you always lived in LB? When did you move to LB? Why did you move to LB? Has the town changed since you first moved in?...

Interview (14.1.21).mp4

Still image for this video

Wednesday 13.1.21


Today's activities is about knowing a bit more about your country. 


You have been researching about Leighton Buzzard, now you have 2 different activities.

1) Label the countries in UK

2) Find the most important cities in UK


For the 1st activity you can choose between cool, warm and boiling depending on how confident you feel about it.

Geography UK countries + cities (13.1.21).mp4

Still image for this video

Monday 11.01.21


This afternoon's activity is to persuade people to travel and visit Leighton Buzzard.


Check the first document to remember what to use to write persuasively and get some ideas.

The second document is an example to visit Budapest.


You can present your work as a poster, a brochure or a writing with paragraphs.

Topic (Monday 11.01.21).mp4

Still image for this video