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Week 6 - Monday 22.02.21



Today's activity is complete the K and the W from the KWL chart.


You can present your information in a different format if you want (laptop, lined paper, blank a4...)




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Week 5 - Thursday 04.02.21


Today's activity is to learn how to use a compass to go from one place to another.


We are going to use Google Maps and move between Leighton Buzzard and Salamanca (Mr Simon's city).


Open the activity and try to find the main landscapes from Mr Simon's city and then complete the instructions given.




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Week 5 - Wednesday 3rd February


Today's PSHE task is to think about our emotions, how they affect us and how we express them.


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Week 5 - 1st February


Today's task is to have a look at the PowerPoint below, which contains lots of information about Spain. Some of it you will already know, some you may have researched, and some will be new to you.


Your task is to choose one topic from the powerpoint which is interesting to you (The Royal Family, food, school, one of the tourist attractions or Flamenco dancing) and carry out further research into that area. Then present your research as a non chronological report (information text) and share it on Seesaw. 


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Week 4 - 25.01.21 to 29.01.21

Brochure, poster, leaflet - Thursday 28.01.21.mp4

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Week 4 - Thursday 28.01.21


Hola hola!!


Today's activity is to create a brochure, poster or leaflet to persuade English people to visit Spain.


It should include:

  • What to visit or what to see
  • Gastronomy (what to eat)
  • Festivals
  • Some interesting facts that should encourage people to visit the country.
  • Pictures


We have included few examples to give you an idea how to organise your work.



Week 4 - Wednesday 27.01.21


Today, you can choose between 2 activities:


1 - To finish the England-Spain booklet and present it neatly with CAPITAL letters.

2 - Art/Craft afternoon. Make a model (of a monument, mountain, landscape) or draw something related to what you've learnt about Spain.


Creative afternoon - Wednesday 27.01.21.mp4

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England & Spain booklet - Tuesday 26.01.21.mp4

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Today, we are going to create a booklet comparing England and Spain, finding some of the most famous things we can see in each country.


You can use the booklet below and complete the missing boxes about Spain or, if you want, you can change the most famous aspects from England and draw and write about them.


We want you to compare:

  • Famous landmark
  • Highest point
  • Famous building
  • Famous sportperson
  • Famous typical food
  • Famous actor/actress
  • Famous leader
  • Patron Saint of England and Patron Saint of Spain


If you find any other aspects you want to compare, please add them to your booklet.  It doesn't need to be completed today. You can work on it for few days to present it neatly and good writing.



England & Spain booklet - Tuesday 26.01.21

Geography - Monday 25.01.21.mp4

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Monday 25.01.21


After a white Sunday, covered in snow, it's time to pack our suitcase and travel to discover different places.

Today, we are going to... Spain!!


We know that some of you use to go there on holidays and there's also a teacher in Year4 that was born there. Can you guess who?? laugh


Today's activity, is to research interesting facts about Spain. For example:

  • What's the capital of Spain?
  • What's its population.
  • What's the weather like in Spain? Is it always sunny? Can snow in Spain as we've seen yesterday in UK?
  • What seas or oceans surround Spain?
  • What are the countries next to Spain?


You can present your work as you want, on a laptop, on paper, as a poster...

This template may help you

Moon's Thursday activity


Make a river


Today's activity is to make a real river using the resources you have at home. Think carefully what materials are you going to use as real water has to flow all the way down the river.


Record a few seconds video to show your amazing river!!


Click on the links to check few examples.


Week 3 - How London Grew




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Week 3 - Our Changing Nation


Cool Task - Compare yourself with a person from the past.

Warm Task - Choose one aspect of daily life to compare through time.

Boiling Task - Complete the table to compare all the aspects through time.


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Week 3 - Tuesday 19.01.21


Today's activity is about rivers and seas. We are going to learn the main rivers and seas in UK and answer few questions.


1- Click on the 1st link to learn about the rivers and play a game.

2- Watch the 2nd video
3- Answer the questions

4- Research, using google maps or an atlas, the main rivers and seas in UK and label the map (choose only 1 between cool, warm and boiling).


Activity 3


  • What is a river?
  • What are the key parts of a river?
  • What is a meander?
  • How do humans benefit from rivers?
  • What are the potential negative things about living near a river?


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Thursday 14.1.21


Today's activity is to interview someone about Leighton Buzzard.


Click on the picture to watch few videos about how to interview someone.



You can use the document below as a template or write your own one on piece of paper. Remember it has to be well presented with no spelling mistakes. 


Take your time to think the questions. You can use some as: Have you always lived in LB? When did you move to LB? Why did you move to LB? Has the town changed since you first moved in?...

Interview (14.1.21).mp4

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Wednesday 13.1.21


Today's activities is about knowing a bit more about your country. 


You have been researching about Leighton Buzzard, now you have 2 different activities.

1) Label the countries in UK

2) Find the most important cities in UK


For the 1st activity you can choose between cool, warm and boiling depending on how confident you feel about it.

Geography UK countries + cities (13.1.21).mp4

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Monday 11.01.21


This afternoon's activity is to persuade people to travel and visit Leighton Buzzard.


Check the first document to remember what to use to write persuasively and get some ideas.

The second document is an example to visit Budapest.


You can present your work as a poster, a brochure or a writing with paragraphs.

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