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Good Morning Venus! Tuesday 2nd June

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Good Morning Venus! Friday 22nd May

Drunken Sailor relaunch - Watch The Mousehole Cat on Year 3 Topic Page - HAVE A GREAT HALF TERM!

Good Morning Venus! Thursday 21st May

Reading Reading Reading

Good morning Venus! Wednesday 20th May

Treasure maps - Sea Shanties - Jokes

Good morning Venus! Tuesday 19th May

Act a scene from your storyboard - Boudicca script on Year 3 topic page

Good morning Venus! Monday 18th May

Design a pirate - fractions or not fractions that is the question - treasure island

Good Morning Venus! Friday 15th May

Due to some technical difficulties can only post the link to today's video

Hopefully have it all sorted by Monday :)) 

Good morning Venus! Thursday 14th May

Francis Drake storm = UK lockdown

Good Morning Venus! Wednesday 13th May

Ferdinand Magellan video, please watch and enjoy in year 3 topic page!

Good morning Venus! Tuesday 12th May

Explorers - Ocean Floor - Ben Gunn Diary - Badly told Joke

Good Morning Venus! Monday 11th May

Finding out about the great explorers through the ages

Possible Steps to Success in Writing Tasks

Conjunctions e.g. although, after that, meanwhile - Prepositions e.g. under the table, over the bridge - Expanded nouns e.g. beautiful flowers, fierce stare - Paragraphs e.g. para 1 = describing character and setting, para 2 = something unusual starts to happen -  Speech Marks e.g. "Why are you waiting there?" asked Kendall suspiciously - Possessive apostrophe e.g. Mark's hair, the boys' teacher.


You could also include elements from the type of story you're trying to write, so for a story based on the British Folk Tales we've been looking at you could also add Describe a Setting, Fantasy Element and a Cliffhanger Ending.  


3 April 2020

Happy Friday! In today's video I outline a structure that you could use to help with writing tasks at home.

Anyone who hasn't been able to log in to the Seesaw Class app and would like to please get in touch here and we'll get it sorted. 

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If you have any questions about home learning or just want to say hi you can contact me here.

Maths Video Update: Due to computer sharing at Roche HQ there's a little delay on the maths task video, should be with you around 1pm :)