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Monday Maths 8.6.20

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Have a go at making 10 in different ways. It’s fun!! I will put them up in our Ducklings room when you send me your discoveries.
Here’s one to get you started:

🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 🌈🌈🌈🌈

6 and 4 makes 10

6 + 4 = 10

Friday 5th June. Number lines

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We’ve been finding one MORE and one LESS than a number. Have a go!

Thursday... a lovely day for news writing 😁✏️

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Share your writing with me here or on Seesaw

Wednesday 3rd June

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Sending love to you. Who would you like to send your ♥️ to?

Welcome back to the last half term of the school year

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I'm back in school and I look forward to seeing some of you very very soon X

Flora's Flowers by Debi Gliori

Hello. . . This is the long overdue story I promised you. I hope you enjoy it. I had to message Debi Gliori for permission to post it online. She was very kind and she hopes you love it too.

Happy Friday and happy half term 'break' 👋

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Hello on Thursday 21st May 😀

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I wonder. . . How many words can you find that rhyme with 'bed'? Can you write them down?

Send me your rhyming words here or on Seesaw

Happy Wednesday ☀️

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Check back later today for a bedtime story that I read from the tent yesterday evening 🌄

The tent is ready for my camp-out. ⛺🌛I CAN'T WAIT!

Tuesday 19th May. I'm making a den!

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The den is really my tent! I want to sleep outdoors in my garden tonight because camping is good for my mental health - a healthy mind is as important as a healthy body. Will you make a den too?

Monday 18th May. Jump-start your week with this!

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Happy Friday and happy weekend

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It’s a wonderful spring, so green and full of wildlife. If you spot a bird or other wild animal or minibeast, you could take a photo of it and share with us on Seesaw, or by email.
Enjoy the sunshine ☀️ 😀

Thursday 14th May ☀️

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Wednesday 13th May - a shape challenge

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If you have Seesaw, I have posted the challenge there. It looks fun, and gives you the chance to talk about your shape work. But don’t worry, you can still to this without Seesaw! Have fun!

I took a photo of our Comet carpet, and I found a circle, and some triangles and semi-circles.

Send me your shape pictures here or on Seesaw ◼️🔻🔵🔶

Tuesday 12th May

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You could make... a silly picture of yourself, to give people a giggle. Use a photo on a screen and edit it with pen tools, or use a photo on paper and decorate it, or even draw a funny picture of yourself! Share on Seesaw if you’d like to 🤪

Monday 11th May. A very windy day at Leedon!

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It’s a great day for flying a kite! You could design and make one today!

Can you spot the tadpoles? It’s very tricky! Let me know if you see them.

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Can you plan and help make a VE Day afternoon tea? 🇬🇧🧁🥪☕️

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Secret mission!

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Send a 'thank you' to your teacher using this form 😊

Your family history and the Second World War

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Tomorrow is not a school day, because it’s a national holiday to celebrate VE Day, when the war ended in Europe. Almost every one of us has or had family members who were affected by the Second World War. What can you find out?

VE Day Friday 8th May - You could colour this Union Jack to put in your window

NEWT NEWS and a Maths Challenge for you

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Apologies for the late video. Technology and Mrs Crabbe are struggling to get along today 🤨

Tuesday 5th May. Things I’ve found. What have you found lately?

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Don’t forget to join seesaw today - it’s great!

Found in my garden. What do you think they might be?

A new week, and a new month. 4th May 2020. “May the 4th be with you!”

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Hi everyone and good morning. Grown ups, you need to leave the room for this video, as we’re planning something secret!

We would love to hear from you about anything you’ve been doing and learning!

Mrs Stojek and Mrs Crabbe really miss you. Getting messages from Comet class is just THE BEST THING! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Thursday 30th April - Captain Tom is 💯

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Part 1

Captain Tom is 100 today

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Here’s a timeline of his 100 years. Can you find out something about life in Britain when he was born? For example, what toys did children play with 100 years ago? Or, how did people travel in 1920? What sort of music did people listen to?

See when YOU joined this 100 year timeline

The fly-past for Captain Tom flew near Mrs. Crabbe's house today!

Wednesday 29th April: Tadpoles.... but where are they hiding?

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Tadpole close-up

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I’m afraid this was the best I could do. There are plenty of tadpoles in the pond, but they are well hidden by the pondweed. I couldn’t see whether any of them are beginning to grow. I will check next time I come into school. 😀

Greetings from Mrs Stojek! 29.4.20

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28.4.20 A lovely day for wellies, plants and tadpoles!

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A rainy day and my brain and technology are sluggish!

Good morning Comet class 👋

Make the most of today's 🌞 because tomorrow the forecast is 🌧

Why not go out on a walk and use the nature quiz ⬇️ from last week as an I-spy 👀 game!

Have a lovely day. 

Monday 27th April. Here’s a free shape and space game for you

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It’s called 1010, and it’s a free app for phones and tablets.
Why do you think it’s called 1010?
What shapes did you use or make?
What’s your highest score?

Let me know how you got on

. . . and whether you have answers to my questions about this shape and space game

24th April 2020. Happy Friday everyone

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Scroll down this page for the Nature Quiz. I have added a few websites that might be useful. Hope you enjoy doing it!

Thursday - can you write a speech bubble for a character? 🐵🐶🐸🐝🐛

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Mr Benson’s challenge was to make a painted stone, so I made a character called Dizzy. The speech bubble means that he can talk! I would love you to make a speech bubble too. If you haven’t got a pebble pal, it can be for any character - your teddy, superhero or doll, or even for a real person! What are they saying?

Send me a photo of your character with their speech bubble!

Thursday 23rd April - Slime mould update

Thank you so much to Max and Sam’s mum, who sent me this information about the slime mould (not a fungus, as I mistakenly thought) that we saw during one of our Forest School sessions:

There are many types, and when they were first discovered they thought they were a fungus, hence the name 'mould'. Slime moulds are fascinating as the above picture is not 1 organism but scores of tiny 1cell plants which all cluster together to make the large slime mould pictured. When ripe it splits open and is full of spores which blow away! 

So today I need to see if I can find the slime mould again. I will let you know what I find.

Weds 22.4.20 Another message from me on the field at Leedon

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Another lovely day. It got a bit windy while I was speaking to you. I hope you can hear me! I have added my quiz below. All the photos were taken at school. Have fun. 🔆

Nature quiz! Can you name these? They were all in Leedon’s green spaces! Click on the picture to make it bigger.

Here are the answers:


1. daisy

2. dandelion 

3. dandelion ‘clock’ (the fluffy part helps the seeds to fly and spread the plants further)

4. Lichen

5. The egg could have belonged to a rook, carrion crow or jackdaw. It was almost 3cm in diameter, so larger than a blackbird egg

6. White bluebell

7. Thistle (I am not quite sure which type, but working on it!)

8. White dead nettle (which does not sting!)

9. Forget-me-not

👏🏅🏆 WELL DONE to everyone who took part. You all did extremely well 🏆🏅👏


🔷    why not see if you can find these when you pop out for a walk  🔷


A visit to the pond on Tuesday 21st April

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It’s looking very lively. What can you see? What changes might you expect to see next? Have a chat with your parents and carers.

Welcome back! It's summer term. . .

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Hello everyone in Comet. I hope you're all well.
I will send you another clip later, so you can see some of the changes on our school field.

Happy Easter! 🐣 🐰 🥚

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I hope you and your family have a lovely time, and a few chocolate eggs, together. I’ll speak to you after the break 😍

Good morning Comet on Thursday 2nd April

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Hello Ducklings and Piglets. I hope you’re all well and happy, and enjoying time with your families. Have a look at the post just below this one, because it links with my suggested activity for today. Have fun!

Let’s make a Bear Hunt!

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If you can get out for a walk to look for bears (and 🌈) remember you have to keep 2m away from other people. That’s like a very tall grown-up lying down.

Hi Comet, it’s Tuesday 31st March

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Yay, my home internet is working better today and I can send you a new activity. Make a collage of your photos and enjoy sharing happy memories! Don’t forget to label it with names, places, occasions and how old you were in the photos. Have a lovely day. And Mr Benson’s challenge is to take a video of yourself reading a story. I really can’t wait to hear them. I miss our reading time SO much x

What’s your news? Please get in touch - I miss you and really love hearing how you’re getting on. 😀

Let me know what activities you’ve done. Did you try yesterday’s maths challenge - ways of making 5?

Hi everyone,


It’s Monday morning on week 2 of your home learning and I hope you enjoyed the weekend. This morning I have made a couple of videos to send to you but I can’t get them to send. The WiFi isn’t very good here in my village today!


So I will type the challenge instead, and hope to send you the videos later on. 

It’s a number challenge: 


Get 5 objects and see how many different ways you can find of making 5. 

For example: 


🚗🚕🚙🚌         🚎


     4              +     1   =   5


Good luck!  😍




Making 5 🐠 🐟 🐬 🐳 🦈

How are you getting on with the challenge? Let me know! Love from Mrs Crabbe

Fri-yay! Enjoy the weekend!

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Speak to you again on Monday, and if you want to get in touch, use the form below. Thinking of you all and sending love and hugs from me and Mrs Stojek. 😍

What have you been learning this week? Message me! ⬇️

Thursday 27th March.

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As soon as I’ve sent you this video, I’m popping out for a walk. I haven’t done my exercise yet today and don’t want to miss this lovely sunshine ☀️ 🌿🌻 💖
Take care, love from Mrs Crabbe x

Hello on Wednesday evening

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What a beautiful day! I have to apologise to you because I said I would read you a story, but the video I tried to send was too big. 😕 Never mind. Tomorrow I will share a poem instead!

Tell me what books you’ve been reading at home...

... and also have a look at the Oxford Owl website for ebooks that YOU can read. See our Reception home learning information to find out more.

24th March 2020. Hi Comet!

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I have learnt something today... how to make a video of myself (which starts with a funny face) and how to upload it to the school website!
Mrs Crabbe
PS I’ve added the Bear Hunt video in the link above 🐻

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