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English - Tuesday 19 January

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Today in phonics, we learnt to read the tricky words: 'have', 'like', 'some' and 'come'.
Your English task today is to think of the build-up and a problem for your story.

English - Monday 18 January

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Friday 15th January - Maths

Today we begin by counting in 2s with this video.

Our lesson is 'Find and Make Number Bonds' - video 5 on Year 1 Maths page for this week.

Then have a go at the questions on the 3rd Powerpoint, also on our Maths webpage.


Friday 15th January 2021 English

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We have been learning about similes.
Use the sheet to create similes, and you can also make up others. The more imaginative they are, the better!

Simile activity

Thursday 14th January RE

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We talked about our experiences of churches, and looked at photos of churches, thinking about their similarities and differences.

What is similar about these churches, and what is different? Talk about them with your family.

Thursday 14th January. English

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It’s time to write your story ‘The Dreamer’

Miércoles 13.1.21 Español

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Can you make a video introducing yourself in Spanish. Use the videos on our Year 1 Spanish resources page to help you. I certainly did!

Wednesday 13.1.21 Add adjectives to your text map

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Adjectives are words that describe people, places and things. When you use adjectives, you are helping the person hearing or reading your story to ‘see’ it in their mind.

Tuesday 12.1.21 Make a story map to help you retell The Dreamer. Practise the short version of the story first.

My text map for the first sentence of our story says:

        Once there was a pig who wished he could fly.

When you text map stories, the map helps you retell the story. 

Week 2, Monday 11th January 2021. English

Week 1 Friday 8th January. Maths - Skater number bond activity, and counting to 100!

Let's Get Fit | Count to 100 | 2020 Version | Jack Hartmann

Teach your children to count to 100 as they get some great exercise too in Jack Hartmann's Let's Get Fit song. This cool kid-friendly song starts out with a ...

Week 1 Friday 8th January 2021 English

Make a story mountain like this and add your pictures to show each part of the story, The Magical Bicycle. Remember, you can see and hear the story again on Sun's page.

Week 1 Thursday 7th January 2021 RE

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We are thinking about special places, both religious ones and secular (non-religious) places.
Your task is to draw a place that is special to you, and write at least one sentence about why it is special and how you feel when you are there. Have fun and share your work on Seesaw.
Then watch the video and think about similarities and differences between the mosque and the gurdwara.

Week 1 Thursday 7th January  English

The Magical bicycle - can you work out what theses words mean: ♦️astride ♦️ fainter ♦️ pistons. Go to Sun class page to hear Mr Wilkinson reading the story.

Week 1 Wednesday 6th January 2021 session 1

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Watch out journey video and then complete this activity.... Share your work on Seesaw ❣️

Week 1 Wednesday 6th January session 2

My zoom recording has not worked properly but the activity is on Star class Seesaw:

write a 'Magical journey story'.

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