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Monday 15th March - English

Hello there, home learners.

We have been reading poems together and talking about what how they are different to 'prose' (normal writing)! Get your grown-ups to read these poems to you. What do you notice? Some of these poems are on YouTube - links below. After that, use the sheet to draw a picture to show what each poem means to you.

From a Railway Carriage | Robert Louis Stevenson | Kids' Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

You can safely browse more videos like Michael Rosen Chocolate Cake on the Official Michael Rosen channel a R...

15.3.21 Maths


Today, work on measuring and weighing objects around your home. 

Can you find at least 3 objects and measure them, then order them from tallest to shortest, or longest to shortest? 

Can you weigh at least 3 objects and order them by weight? If you have balance scales at home, can you work out how to order your items from lightest to heaviest, even though you may not know their exact weight? smiley

Friday 12th March

We learned the ‘ie’ phoneme today (as in ‘cried’) See Phonics Play to practise Phase 5 games - new sounds this week are ‘ay’ (as in day) and ‘ou’ (as in out). 

English - we are writing a recount of a day in school, beginning sentences with time conjunctions, such as first, next, then, after that, finally.


Thursday 11th March

World Book Day at Leedon!

Today we dressed up as book characters. 

We talked about what we liked about our character;

Painted favourite story characters;

Listened to lots of stories and watched Stick Man on BBC iPlayer;

Decorated biscuits with icing and sweets to make a story character!

English 10th March - Trains

We are learning about the history of trains and how they work. Read the Powerpoint, then choose a train to label - steam, diesel or electric.

English 9th March 2021

We have been learning and reading about trains and journeys. 

Read this information and answer the questions about the history of trains.

Monday 8th March - English 

We are thinking about the explorers we learned about last week.

Write a report about your favourite explorer. When are where were they born? What were their interests? Where did they explore and what did they see and do? 

Why are they your favourite explorer?

Maths activity sheets for w/c 8th March 2021

Friday Fun Day Activities

4.3.21 RE

We watched the video on Year 1's RE page, where your teachers retell the Easter story. After each part we reflected on the story. Can you recount the Easter story, using pictures and/or a sentence for each of the 6 parts?

4.3.21 Maths

We did Jack Hartman's skip count in 2s, 5s and 10s. It's at the bottom of our maths page. Then we learnt Subtracting Lengths using the video. There is a choice of 3 activities. I suggest the 'warm' challenge, plus one other if you can! All activities are on Year 1 maths page.

Thursday 4th March English

Still image for this video

3.3.21 Spanish

Head over to the Spanish page for our lesson videos - we are learning a song, and how to talk about food! 🍞🧀🍏🍅

3.3.21 Maths

We counted back from 100 with Jack Hartman's video. Then we watched the third maths lesson, Adding Lengths. All resources for today are on the Year 1 Maths page.

Wednesday 3rd March 2021 English

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Tuesday 2nd March 2021

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2.3.21 Geography
We have been learning about the 7 continents of the world and your task is to label them on a map. All the resources you need are on the Year 1 Geography page of this website. The extra challenge is to learn Mrs Ashley’s song about the 5 oceans of the world, and label those on your map too! 🗺

2.3.21 Maths

Today we practised counting backwards in 5s with the video below. Then we watched the video Measuring Length which is on our Maths page for this week. 

Which Tuesday challenge will you choose - warm or hot? Share your activity on Seesaw.

Count Backwards by 5's from 100 | Learn to Count | Kids Counting Song | Jack Hartmann

Tuesday 2nd March 2021. English

Still image for this video

1.3.21 SCIENCE

This afternoon we have been testing the properties of different materials. The instructions are on our Year 1 Science page. Please share your work on Seesaw and enjoy seeing what your friends have learned. ⭐

1.3.21 Maths

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Monday 1st March English

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26.2.21 Maths

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26th February 2021 - English

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In today's RE lesson, we looked at what new life we might see around Easter time.  We will be looking at the Easter story in detail over the next few weeks but for today, can you please share what you already know about Easter?  It might be something religious (why it's celebrated) or it might be something secular (what might I find in the shops around Easter?).

Maths - Thursday 25th February

Still image for this video

Today's activity

Count by 5's | Exercise and Count By 5 | Count to 100 | Counting Songs | Jack Hartmann

English - Thursday 25 February

Still image for this video

Today’s tricky words to learn:


like   come     little    when   out   were   there

Wednesday 24th February - English

Still image for this video

Tricky words to learn to read and write:


so    one    said   do   some    have   what


Art - Tuesday 23rd February

Still image for this video
Head to the Year 1 art page for more information about Marianne North and her art.

Maths 23.2.21

Still image for this video

Tuesday’s phonics and English

Still image for this video

Science - Monday 22 February

Still image for this video

Maths 22.2.21

Still image for this video

Workout & Count | Skip Count by 2's, 5's and 10's | Count Backwards | Jack Hartmann

Count by 2's, 5's, 10's, odd numbers as well as skip count forward and backwards in this interactive learning video.Workout and count has a powerful beat tha...

Welcome back on Monday 22nd February

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English - Friday 5 February

Still image for this video
In English, we talked about how pirate ships had rules and I challenged you to write your own set of pirate rules. Don't forget to start each rule on a new line and number them.
If you want some inspiration, you could watch the Horrible Histories video at

English - Thursday 4 February

Still image for this video

Maths - 3 February

Today, we have been using number tracks and have practised counting forwards and backwards.  Can you fill in the missing numbers on these number tracks and spot the mistakes in Question 2?

English - Wednesday 3 February

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2.2.21 Maths

Challenge yourself with a Jack Hartmann counting workout.

Your lesson is the 2nd video on our Year 1 Maths page, and the activities are below.

English - Tuesday 2 February

Still image for this video

Tuesday 2nd February - English. Help Sayeeda write a letter to Sam and Polly.

Science - Monday 1 February

Still image for this video
Today in our Science lesson, we were thinking about the difference between an OBJECT and the MATERIAL from which it is made.
1.2.21 Maths - Counting to 50. Watch the first video of the week (week 5) on Year 1 Maths page and complete the activity smiley

English - Monday 1 February

Still image for this video

1st February 2021 - English: Can you solve the riddles?

29.1.21 Maths

Still image for this video

Here's your maths challenge - use real objects and make a video of how you found the answer!

Subtraction word problems - choose the challenge that is right for you. 1 is easier than 2.

Friday 29th January 2021 - English

Still image for this video
Write an adventure story about Sayeeda’s mischievous little brother Fergus. What do you think he will get up to?

Use the story mountain to plan Fergus’ adventure

28.1.21 RE We are looking at church steeples.

Still image for this video
Go to the Year 1 RE page to see churches with steeples. What are they made of? What are they for? How are they decorated? In what ways are they similar or different?
Have a go at making a church steeple or tower. Think about how you will make it tall and sturdy. Evaluate your work by explaining what worked well and what you think you might do differently next time. You can record your voice or video yourself talking about your work.

28.1.21. Today in Maths we have been comparing number sentences using:


Greater than

Less than

The lesson is this week's video number 4, and the activities are in PowerPoint 4.


Thursday 28th January - English

Still image for this video

Thursday 28th January 2021 - Sayeeda needs help with full stops and capital letters!

Sayeeda's letter with punctuation.

27.1.21 Spanish  Buenas Tardes

Head to the Year 1 Spanish page. Watch the video and repeat the names of the family members. Then draw at least one member of your family, and write who they are in Spanish. 

27.1.21 Maths

Still image for this video
We are learning about related facts in addition and subtraction.
We also practised counting in 5s with the video below.

It's a Count by 5 Fitness Fiesta | Count by 5 | Jack Hartmann

Wednesday 27th January English

Still image for this video

Wednesday 27.1.21 Sayeeda, the Pirate Princess English activity

26.1.21 ART - make a swashbuckling, textured Pirate ship picture with these instructions!

Tuesday 26th January English

Still image for this video

26.1.21 English - Sayeeda, the Pirate Princess. Here is a quiz about the story. Try to answer in full sentences.

25.1.21 Science - Identify, name and describe a variety of everyday materials

Still image for this video

Our science lesson today is all about MATERIALS

25.1.21 Count by 10's and Exercise | Count to 100 | Jack Hartmann

We also joined in with this Counting in 10s video

Monday 25th January 2021 - English

Still image for this video
Phonics - we are learning to read and write these tricky words:
were, there, little, one.
Our new story is Sayeeda, The Pirate Princess. The story and activity for you to do with a grown-up are on the link below.

Sayeeda, The Pirate Princess - Story and activities

English - Friday 22 January

Still image for this video
Your Englsh task today is to be RESEARCHERS. What facts can you find about pirates from reading the pages below, the weblink or books about pirates?

RE - Thursday 21 January

Today, we were continuing to learn about Churches.  We talked about the objects we might find in a church, and what they would be used for.  You can use the Presentation below to help you remember.

Now, we'd like you to think about special objects in school?  What's the most special thing (not a person!) in school.  What would be the first thing you'd show a visitor?  Can you draw it an explain why it's special?


English - Thursday 21 January

Still image for this video

21st January - a brief flurry of snow! ❄

Still image for this video

Spanish - Wednesday 20 January


Today, we are learning some more greetings in Spanish.  Use the link below to go to Mr Milbank's short video introducing today's learning and then watch the video below it, where we will learn some new ways to greet people.


Once you've done that, why not help keep yourself fit by having a go (or a few goes) at  Zumba video at the top of the page.  The song is in Spanish.

English - 20 January

Still image for this video
This morning, we recapped our tricky words.
Our English task today is to plan the Resolution and Ending for your wishing tale. How is your character going to solve the problem that you gave them yesterday? Is this going to make them happy afterwards?

Art & Design - Tuesday 19 January

Still image for this video

English - Tuesday 19 January

Still image for this video
Today in phonics, we learnt to read the tricky words: 'have', 'like', 'some' and 'come'.
Your English task today is to think of the build-up and a problem for your story.

English - Monday 18 January

Still image for this video

Friday 15th January - Maths

Today we begin by counting in 2s with this video.

Our lesson is 'Find and Make Number Bonds' - video 5 on Year 1 Maths page for this week.

Then have a go at the questions on the 3rd Powerpoint, also on our Maths webpage.


Friday 15th January 2021 English

Still image for this video
We have been learning about similes.
Use the sheet to create similes, and you can also make up others. The more imaginative they are, the better!

Simile activity

Thursday 14th January RE

Still image for this video
We talked about our experiences of churches, and looked at photos of churches, thinking about their similarities and differences.

What is similar about these churches, and what is different? Talk about them with your family.

Thursday 14th January. English

Still image for this video
It’s time to write your story ‘The Dreamer’

Miércoles 13.1.21 Español

Still image for this video
Can you make a video introducing yourself in Spanish. Use the videos on our Year 1 Spanish resources page to help you. I certainly did!

Wednesday 13.1.21 Add adjectives to your text map

Still image for this video
Adjectives are words that describe people, places and things. When you use adjectives, you are helping the person hearing or reading your story to ‘see’ it in their mind.

Tuesday 12.1.21 Make a story map to help you retell The Dreamer. Practise the short version of the story first.

My text map for the first sentence of our story says:

        Once there was a pig who wished he could fly.

When you text map stories, the map helps you retell the story. 

Week 2, Monday 11th January 2021. English

Week 1 Friday 8th January. Maths - Skater number bond activity, and counting to 100!

Let's Get Fit | Count to 100 | 2020 Version | Jack Hartmann

Teach your children to count to 100 as they get some great exercise too in Jack Hartmann's Let's Get Fit song. This cool kid-friendly song starts out with a ...

Week 1 Friday 8th January 2021 English

Make a story mountain like this and add your pictures to show each part of the story, The Magical Bicycle. Remember, you can see and hear the story again on Sun's page.

Week 1 Thursday 7th January 2021 RE

Still image for this video
We are thinking about special places, both religious ones and secular (non-religious) places.
Your task is to draw a place that is special to you, and write at least one sentence about why it is special and how you feel when you are there. Have fun and share your work on Seesaw.
Then watch the video and think about similarities and differences between the mosque and the gurdwara.

Week 1 Thursday 7th January  English

The Magical bicycle - can you work out what theses words mean: ♦️astride ♦️ fainter ♦️ pistons. Go to Sun class page to hear Mr Wilkinson reading the story.

Week 1 Wednesday 6th January 2021 session 1

Still image for this video
Watch out journey video and then complete this activity.... Share your work on Seesaw ❣️

Week 1 Wednesday 6th January session 2

My zoom recording has not worked properly but the activity is on Star class Seesaw:

write a 'Magical journey story'.

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