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MATHS: We continued working with numbers to twenty - playing with dice and numicons to practice putting numbers in order. Finally we cut out numerals and words of 1 - 20 and stuck them in order in our books. (Attached below).

ENGLISH: We retold our individual versions of the "3 Little Pigs" story, then tried writing a few shorts sentences about it: "Once there were 3 little..... The first one built a house out of........

MUSICWe had a look at the website: Play It! - Free primary school music player from Bring The Noise for EYFS and KS1 - BBC Teach We tried playing along with new instruments.

ARTEarth class - Rubbing - we used our rubbings from last week to make collages. Sun class had a ball working with Play Dough.

PSHEWe watched a video about having a support network of adults we trust to speak to and about how our private parts are ours and nobody else should touch them or ask us to touch theirs.

SPANISH We danced to the "La Macarena" dance, then watched "The days of the week”. 

REWe continued with Christmas by filling in pictures of the nativity story.

COMPUTINGWe learnt about giving instructions to a robot. First we sang the Bossy verbs song:, then tried dancing like robots:, Next, one child pretended to give their robots (a friend) instructions. Lastly we coloured or built robots from paper cut outs. (Attached below).

Wednesday 24th November

English: The children chose their own characters and settings for the their version of the "3 Little Pigs" story, then drew pictures in the 5 part story board (Attached below). 

Maths: Today we focussed on Tens and Ones. We looked at the PPT "Maths Wednesday-Tens-and-ones". Then they answered the true or false and completed the worksheet. (Attached below).

Computing: We learned about Bossy Verbs and then 2 Robot dances. 

1 - Bossy verbs song:, 2 - Robot dances:

Next we pretended to be a robot and had to follow our friends instructions. 

Finally we coloured / build paper robots (Attached below), and later built then from Lego / toys.


Tuesday 23 November


1 - give the children piles of 20 objects (counters, blocks, Lego, toys, pencils etc). Have them divide each pile into 2 groups and count the objects in each group. Discuss their findings. 

2 - give the children a whiteboard and marker and ask them to make number bonds and part whole numbers up to 20. Write 10 of their examples on the class board. 

3 - Have the children copy these in their books. 

4 - Play the twinkle game:

ENGLISH: The children will continue to change their version of the "3 Little Pigs stories". Can they think of different ways of saying....... "A big, bad wolf" could be "A huge, terrible wolf..."

Sun class Music: Continue playing different instruments while using the BBC Teach website:

Earth class Art: The children will use the Rubbing pictures of leaves from last week to make a collage of a person or animal just like in the book: 

Monday 22 November

MATHS: Counting and writing numbers to 20 (Numerals and words)

Read the PPT then complete the Worksheet (Attached below)

ENGLISH: Practice saying the new version of the "3 Little Pigs" story from last week. 

Think about how we can make our own version of the story. Think of your own new characters and setting (where does the story happen?)

SCIENCE: We are learning about what animals eat. Please look at the PPT (Attached below) then talk about lots of different animals and what they eat. Try the activities like drawing your favourite animals and what they eat. 


Sun class version of the "Three little Pigs" story