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Year 2's Stars of the week are:


Rocket - George B

Mars - Archie S

Neptune - Zagros


Well done for all your hard work this week!

Year 2 Link 9.7.21

Year 2 25.6.21

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Year 2 Leedon Link Week beginning 24th May 2021

Friday 21st May Year 2 Leedon Link

Big Chef Little Chef

With Year Two

and Chef Tony

Chef Tony O'Reilly

Friday 14th May 2021

What fun we have had in

Year Two this week!

Our topic, Big Chef, Little Chef means that we have been enjoying eating lots of new things. 

Our favourite part of this week was our celebration of the Muslim festival, Eid. Like lots of other celebrations, Eid involves eating all sorts of yummy foods - especially as Eid ends the month long daylight fasting involved in Ramadan. We also learned that Muslims spend time with their family and friends, party, share gifts, pray at the mosque and give money to charity. 

We enjoyed creating enormous paperchains to decorate our classrooms and we got dressed in our loveliest clothes for our party. 

In the classrooms, we cooked chapattis, coconut squares, mango lassi, turmeric and ginger cakes and vegetable tagine. Mr Benson also kindly made us his famous chickpea curry to taste. We enjoyed sampling the new foods and some of us polished off a whole plateful!


Our Eid Celebrations

The recipes we made.

In Literacy, we started a new, non-fiction text type - persuasion. We learned what it means to persuade others to do (or not do) something. 

Our first trial was an attempt to persuade others to buy a talking papaya! We loved tasting the new fruit - and no one in Mars had seen one before or knew what it was. It was brand new!

Hook for the Papaya that Spoke - Talk for Writing Imitation stage

Learners eat some papaya and then guess what the story is about next they see this video. Afterthat, they are then readthe story and they get to play with ...

Our Maths lessons have been teaching us different ways to add and subtract numbers together;

using part-whole models, bar models, ten frames Base Ten and columns.

We enjoy using the manipulatives to help us.

Week Beginning 03.05.21


We have had such a busy but fun week in Year 2!


We finished off our literacy sequence by writing our own versions of Lauren Child’s ‘I will not ever never eat a tomato’. The children produced some fantastic writing, using all the skills we have been learning over the last two weeks.


This week in maths we continued with our measuring, but moved onto temperature. The children all had their own temperatures taken and had to carefully plot this onto a thermometer. Later in the week, we carried out an investigation to find out temperature differences around the school, our classrooms and out on the school grounds. We then used these readings to do some comparisons using mathematical language.


Our PSHE lesson this week taught us all about dental hygiene and why it is so important to look after our teeth. The children all took home a plaque disclosure tablet to highlight how well, or not so well, they are cleaning their teeth. There were lots of pink tongues on show the following day!


Science this week was very exciting. The children all made their own butter. We used double cream, a small cup, tin foil and a balloon. Another requirement was a lot of arm power! The children had to shake the cream to make the droplets within the emulsion bang together to create the solid. Some managed to do this in 20 minutes, others it took a little longer, but they all got there in the end. The children were then able to try their butter on a cracker.


As part of our topic this week, Big Chef Tony wanted the children to learn some peeling and chopping skills. Everyone put these new skills into practise, and in small groups, peeled, chopped and accurately weighed ingredients to make a vegetable soup. The skills were very impressive, with no injuries, and the soup tasted delicious too. Mr Benson gave it 8.5 out of 10!

Over the last few weeks the children have been learning a Friendship song in Music. They love performing it! This week we appraised the song ‘We go together’ from Grease the musical. Every week there is an improvement on the children’s ability to find the pulse of the music and follow rhythms accurately.

Butter making and tasting

Soup making

Music - Friendship song

Still image for this video

Week Beginning 26.4.21


Wow! What a busy week we've had in Year 2.

Our focus in maths this week has been learning about capacity and volume. We've really enjoyed measuring, estimating and ordering containers according to their capacity. We've used water, flour, cornflakes and pasta to find the which containers hold the most and least. As well as solving problems involving millilitres and litres. It has been a lot of fun!


We've continued to learn and adapt the story I will NOT ever NEVER eat a tomato, by Lauren Child. This week we have explored compound words and metaphors to come up with some very interesting ways of describing food. Can you guess what, 'raining golden rocks from Africa' are? Or 'round spaceships from the planet Italy'? It was quite tricky, but as ever the children all rose to the challenge. Next week we will write our own version of the story.


We have been practising the names of different foods in spanish. Some sound quite similar to the English language. Others not so much!


In art, we looked at the artist Gusiseppe Archimbaldo who was famous for making portraits of people using fruits, vegetables and flowers. It was very interesting examining the painting closely and spotting all the different things he'd used. We then started to create our own using cutouts and collaging them, and then drawing our own too.


In Independent Activities, we made up menus in the style of Lauren Child, colour mixed colours for a colour wheel to show our skills, and observed the way our seeds and bulbs are growing - we are starting to see some roots and shoots!


We hope you have all had a lovely week and are looking forward to the long weekend. Fingers crossed there will be sun!


PE Year 2

Half the children in the class had an introductory lesson of New Age Kurling (with an external coach) in the hall, while the other half of the class continued to develop their forehand in tennis. The main focus was on control of the racket head. 

Football club continued on Tuesday lunchtime.




This is our text map for the story 'I will not ever never eat a tomato' by Lauren Child. 

Please have a look at it this weekend and see if you child can remember the story. 

Week beginning


Chef Tony's challenges for this week were all about fruit and vegetables as he knows how important they are for a healthy body. You can see his video on our gallery page.

In Geography lessons, we learned where some different foods come from using the Tesco website. We then used the index of the atlas books to find those countries on a world map.

In Science, we talked about where we think fruits and vegetables come from and we think we might find them growing from trees, on bushes and plants and under the ground. We already knew some information about seeds but we didn't know much about bulbs so we looked at some - inside and out - and have planted small seeds, big seeds and bulbs to observe how they grow. We also talked about what we think seeds need to have to grow and we designed a fair test to test the different variables. 

We have enjoyed reading I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato by Lauren Child in Literacy and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in Talk for Reading and we have learned what a 'character flaw' is - the characters in Charlie and the Choc have lots of flaws! 

In ILAs, we have had the chance to draw and taste some fruit and vegetables after Chef Tony challenged us to try something new and see if we liked it. 

In order for us to be great chefs, we have to know how to weigh objects using scales and to know what a gram and kilogram feels like. We practised these skills in Maths and we will be learning about capacity next week.

Please take a look at our gallery page for some photos and links related to this week's learning.

Inside a seed. We think the 'sprout' will come from the small tail-like part.

PE Year 2

In tennis, the children continued practicing their throwing and catching skills.  The children worked with a partner where they were taking it in turns to use a tennis racket or feed the ball.  Children continued their cricket lessons looking at different ways to bowl the ball to a partner. 

Football club commenced on Tuesday lunchtime.

Week beginning


To start off our topic of

Big Chef Little Chef, Big Chef Tony sent us a video to explain that he would be guiding us through some training in how to be real life chefs.