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Year 1 Link

                       Leedon Link - Year 1 - WC 26 /04


Sun ClassBeau H for working so hard on her phonics

Star Class Phoebe G with her lightning speed and accuracy (especially in maths) she could win any jousting tournament!               

Earth ClassJasmine for so much reading at home.


In SPANISH we revised numbers and then continued with “La comida” (food) but focused on La fruta (Fruit).  The children really seemed to enjoy the song and dance.


In R.E. this week we learned about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and heard some stories about him that show how he inspires Muslims to lead their lives in kindness and faith.


In P.E. on Thursday Earth class continued with Judo while – sadly – Sun and Star class had to stay indoors due to the weather. They practiced Yoga. Wednesday the children swapped what they had done last week - half tried Boccia (with an external coach) in the hall, while the other half began to work on their forehand in tennis. Some children were able to play floor tennis, while others were able to control a ball back to a partner. Football club continued Thursday afterschool.


In MUSIC we brought in some instruments: shakers, tambourines and triangles. The children had a ball making a lot of noise – some of it in time to the music!


In ENGLISH we learned about “Discussion Texts” first talking and writing about whether knights should kill dragons, then a really funny text called “Should dogs eat sausages?”. The children loved the actions and arguing about this topic.


In MATHS we finished off “multiplication and Division” by using number lines to skip count and using objects to make equal groups.


In our TOPIC (Turrets And Tiaras) we continued with I.L.As with children creating some beautiful dragons and minarets, telling some wonderful stories, making fascinating lists of Spanish foods and solving some Maths problems.


In PHONICS we revised alternative pronunciations for the following graphemes: “ow, a, y, ch and ou”. We practiced Tricky words and played various games on PhonicsPlay.

                       Leedon Link - Year 1 - WC 19/04


Earth ClassSeth for beautiful writing and Pippa for excellent reading,

Star ClassNoah for outstanding counting in 5s (Maths).

Sun Class - Scarlett-Rose M for a fantastic first week in Leedon and for  

never stopping smiling!  We hope you enjoyed your first week in Sun Class.



In our Topic (Turrets And Tiaras) we began I.L.As (Independent Learning Activities).   These gave the children various option to choose from including construction a paper dragon, using puppets for story telling, painting, planning fitness activities and others.


In PHONICS we revised alternative pronunciations for the following graphemes: “I, o, g, c, e and u”.


In ENGLISH revised the story of St George and the Dragon, then learned about Princess Thakane of the Basotho tribe of South Africa. The children used these stories to learn about story structure and then write their own versions.


In MATHS we started our new topic: “multiplication and division” by practicing counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Then we introduced the X symbol with  basic examples of multiplying.


In SPANISH we revised greetings, numbers and colours with  videos and fun worksheets


In R.E. this week we were thinking about messages.  We talked about how and why some messages are whispered or shouted and learnt about how and when Muslims whisper and shout the Adhan.  We talked about what how the Adhan is said tells us about Muslim's relationship to God (Allah).


In PE on Wednesday, Sun class were working on our football skills. We learnt how to dribble a ball around a space (and practised counting in 2s, 5s and 10s whilst we did so!).  Star class were taking part in Trigolf and were working on improving their aim when putting. Mrs Cullen had the children learning how to use Tennis rackets.


In Music the children started learning to sing the Mary Poppins classic: “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” and really enjoyed it