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Week beginning 19.07.21

Week beginning 12th July 2021

Week beginning 5th July 2021

Week Beginning 28th June

Week Beginning 21.06.21

Week beginning on 14th June 2021

Week beginning 7th June

Week beginning 24th May

Week beginning 17th May

Week beginning 10th May 


Star of the Week


Mercury Class-Lucy for her brilliant work in Phonics and Sunbeams.

    Jupiter class - Rosalie for amazing addition and subtraction work using a number line.

We have been doing lots of practicing with the skipping ropes to learn how to skip by ourselves.


Some children have been very busy playing a Maths game to improve their independent number skills in counting, addition and number recognition and have lots of fun along the way.

We have been using number lines to work our addition and subtraction problems with numbers up to 20. We chose two numbered balls, then used the number line. We had lots of fun and were amazed at how well we worked out our problems.

We have also been playing a 2D shape game. We rolled two dice, then chose the correct colour and shape to add to our picture. Although we had fun, the game lasted for ages!! But then, we were asked to talk about the shapes we used in our picture, saying their names and explaining their properties, i.e  4 equal sides, 4 corners, 1 curved side.


In Sunbeams we made Pitta chips so we could all enjoy them at snack time.

We have also been looking after the sunflowers we have planted and are watching them grow.

Reception P.E.

In  P.E. this week the children continued to practice different ways of moving; running, skipping, sideways, and hopping. They were learning about the ideal running technique. The children worked in pairs, and were taking it in turns.

How can you help us at home?


Please can you help us to count on from any given number from 11-20.


We would also like help with blending out words so we can work out whether they are a real word, such as 'coat' or an Alien word, such as 'thoak'.


Some of us are also working on pronouncing 'th' correctly as we have trouble spelling 'th' words. Instead of writing a 'th' we are writing 'd' or 'f'.

Week beginning 4th May 2021



Jupiter:  Leo For amazing shark facts

Mercury: Tye for amazing effort in his independent writing


We have been working hard this week to get better at our independent writing and have written about some of the Mr Men characters.

Sunbeams have been learning about healthy eating. To end the week they made vegan muffins. They were very very yummy.

Who was sitting on our skylight? Can you guess?

We planted potatoes, kindly donated by Florence. Afterwards we wrote about how we planted them using our independent writing skills. As you can see we are working on finger spaces and remembering to work out the phonemes needed on our fingers. We are still nervous writing without an adult sitting next to us. But as we always say 'Practice makes perfect'

We have also been showing our teachers how we can create whole numbers from part numbers. We only needed help to record our findings at the side. This piece is partially completed. We were amazed that we could do it               .

Week beginning




Jupiter:  Bobby for always trying his best every single day.


Mercury: Amelia for building different 3D shapes, including a hexagonal                          prism.

We have been busy this week using interactive games on the white board to practice our independent counting and addition skills.

The children had lots of fun exploring an under the sea setting box with different characters and objects and enjoyed making up their own stories and adventures.

We have had lots of fun taking part in 'Sunshine Circles' this week working together in different games.

Reception PE

The children all enjoyed their first lesson of PE this week.

They were developing different ways of moving, special awareness and working with a partner.

The children also had the experience of running around the track.

Don't forget P.E is now every Monday morning, so the children should wear P.E kit to school. Wear trainers if they have them, otherwise school shoes are fine for the moment.

We have been investigating snails. We created a snail habitat, collected two snails from the garden and have been observing and writing about them.

Sunbeams visited the meadow to investigate the natural environment. Afterwards they used their emergent writing to record what they heard and saw.


We have also been gardening, and spotting the creatures which live in our compost bin. We discussed the differences between Woodlice and Pill bugs. 

Week beginning



Jupiter: Max for enthusiastic learning all week.

Mercury: Eddie for his amazing  independent addition work.

We have had a very busy week yet again. 


In maths we have continued our work on 2D shapes, using a feely bag to identify the shapes within. We started by feeling the shapes and saying how many sides and corners they had as well as what the sides felt like. Some of them had curved sides, others straight sides. Once we had described them, we named them.


We have been looking at how many ways there are to make numbers. We have tried making 6,7,8 and 9. We loved this activity because we used the interactive whiteboard. We worked on it as a class first, then we worked on it during our free choice time. Some of us are getting very good at working out these problems.




We have also been playing a game with numbers 11-20. First we placed the numbers in order then we had to close our eyes whilst numbers were either removed or mixed up. When we  opened our eyes we had to work out what was wrong. 


Some of us continued the number line work we started during lockdown. We used the number lines to work our addition and subtraction problems.


In  writing we started the week off by recording our news. We used our alphabet sheets and phonic skills to spell out the words we wanted, and some of us are beginning to remember how to spell some key words. Lots of us are working on writing sentences which include an explanation of what we did, not just writing a statement. 




Some  of us have begun writing an animal fact book, this is being done independently during our free choice time. We can't wait to share it with the class.






We have also started to practice our handwriting during our free choice time, our teachers are very proud of us when we do this as we always say 'Practice makes perfect'


We have continued with our artwork from last week, and have even hung up banners made using the work. They really brighten up our classroom.


In Sunbeams we have up-cycled tin cans into mini beasts and mini beast habitats. These we are going to hang up to create homes for bees and other insects.

They were really fun to make.


We have been eating hummus and pitta bread in Sunbeams. We really enjoy this, although we were not as keen on the



We love our free choice time, here we are making up stories about animals using the trains. 



We have been very busy using the numicon to work on our Maths skills and record our own calculations.

We have been enjoying listening to some Mr Men stories and so far have heard about Mr Happy, Mr Grumpy, Mr Rush and Mr Strong.

We were also able to talk about the different shape of each Mr Men character.