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Bear Grylls heard about our new topic

Journey Down the Amazon

and sent us a few challenges to get us started...

Hello children of Leedon Lower School.


My name is Bear Grylls - you may have heard my name before but, if not, all you need to know is that I am a very experienced explorer and adventurer.

I am writing to you with a mission.


I have heard from a source in Leighton Buzzard that you are beginning a new topic today about the rainforest. As I'm sure you are aware, the rainforest is full of incredible wonders, but also immense danger. If you wish to be true adventurers, as I am, then there are a number of things you need to learn first.


I would like you to undertake five tasks. Once you have completed these tasks, and send evidence to me, I will award you the rank of Basic Level Explorers. The tasks are as follows:


1. Learn to use your hearing to identify threats - I have sent your teacher some wild animal sounds. You will need to identify which of these are a threat to you. 


2. Learn to use your sense of smell to identify foods which are safe to eat. 


3. Learn to travel through the rainforest. The terrain inside the forest is very difficult to travel across at times. You will need to complete an obstacle course to demonstrate your ability to move quickly and safely.


4. Learn to blend in. If you are to survive in the rainforest, you will need to camouflage yourself to blend into the background. However, rather than camouflage yourselves (which wouldn't be very effective in a classroom), I would like you to decorate your classroom to make it look more like the rainforest.


5. Learn to survive the night. You will need to build shelters for yourselves to keep you dry and warm overnight. I suggest you find materials which you have an abundant supply of, rather than trying to find enough trees and plants to make your shelters from. I hear that schools have a lot of resources delivered in cardboard, for example. 


These five tasks, once complete, will earn you the rank of Basic Level Explorer. 


Are you ready? Good luck.



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