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2019 Grafham Water Visit

Year Four Grafham Water 2019


Day One 

Evening everyone. We arrived here at 10.30 (with the minibus arriving first as the coach took a wrong turn) and were welcomed by the centre staff who made sure that after a drink and a biscuit we were sure where everything was.


After the tour we had lunch, a hot treat for everyone. The children had to clear the tables and then meet their leaders in the common room.


Next rooms were found and the task of unpacking began (the fun bed making task had to wait til later). Then everyone got ready for their afternoon activity which was either sailing, climbing, high ropes, archery, biking or the Grafham challenge.


It has been bright and fine, but tomorrow the forecast is for strong winds so sailing may have to be replaced with bushcraft instead. We have just had dinner and I am assured that all beds have been made!


Children in PJ's and the film is about to start. I'm sure that they will all sleep well. Hopefully we will be able to post some photos tomorrow. 



Day Two

Some children were up this morning, dressed and ready at 6am, until they were told it was still dark and that breakfast was at 8!! Breakfast was scrambled eggs, porridge, toast, cereal and fruit. I think after helping number 5 most children were full and ready for the day. I think some of these children have hollow legs!


It was far too windy for sailing today with gusts of 40mph across the water, so bushcraft replaced the water sports. Mud was the order of the day with cyclists and Grafham Challengers equally covered from head to foot in the brown stuff! 


The high ropes also proved a challenge as the wind is apparently stronger at thirty feet up in the air.


Lunch was as many rolls as you could eat, salad and soup with everyone again apparently 'starving' and eating their own body weight. Who knew that a nine year old could also eat a whole plate of beetroot?


This afternoon's activities were rain free and very muddy again, but sadly the wind hadn't dropped enough for any sailing. Dinner beckons in ten minutes and a talent show for the evening.


We have taken loads of photos that we will share securely with you all after our return. Everyone well and all the children have challenged themselves in all the things that they have tried so far.  


Day Three - Morning

This morning the children were far less willing to get up, with the girls having to be woken up! Breakfast was a full English with the usual toast and cereal to follow (several bowls in some cases).


Three groups were lucky enough to go biking in the high winds and rain. This proved to be a real adventure but all the children just kept going and never moaned once. Some of our non-riders are now riders, but all the children wished they had worn their gloves!


High ropes this morning was wobbly but archery and climbing was warm and dry according to Mr Simon!


Now the children have had their last lunch they have all gone out to do orienteering with the leaders and when they return we will be sharing Amy's birthday cake!!