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What's happening at Little Learners?

Welcome to Leedon's Little Learners.


This term we will be settling in and enjoying pre-school.  


Our general theme will be 'Back to Basics'.  We will be focussing on shapes, colours and maths activities.  We will also be practising our fine motor skills and our good manners.


We will also be doing seasonal activities such as Chinese New Year, Valentines Day, Mothers Day and Easter.

The whole setting is working together to promote independence in the children. We are particularly focussing on self-help skills such as toileting, hand washing and putting on their coat and shoes. This is to help them prepare for their next step up to ‘big school’ It also improves their self-esteem and confidence


In order to encourage independence, we have an ‘I’ve Done It!’ board. If the children have achieved some independence such as toileting or putting on their coat/shoes by themselves then we want to hear about it. Write it down and we will put it on the board.
Do you want to know what your child is getting up to each week at Little Learners? Then check out the weekly blog which is available on the school website or download the free app.