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Our new amphitheatre is now finished and the children are very excited to start using it.

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This section of the website will be updated at the end of each week and will have a short 'blog' post written by the staff and children about what they have been learning about during the week. It will also include what the children will be learning about in the following week.


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:Home:Desktop:learning.jpgWhat we have been learning this week at school…


Week Ending Friday 18th March

This week at Little Learners we have:

Been doing lots of Easter activities.

We made Easter bonnets and decorated them with lots of tissue paper, rabbits, eggs and glue.

We made bunny ears using cotton wool and paper; they felt soft and fluffy!

We painted rabbits and tried to stick the tail in the right place!

We made and decorated Nursery Rhyme books to take home. We sing the nursery rhymes at end circle and we are going to practice them at home with our families. This will help with our literacy linking pictures to words.

We had lots of plastic eggs to play with. We used them for counting, grouping, learning our colours and hiding! We also used them in role play pretending to be the Easter bunny. In outside play we used them for an egg and spoon race; we had to try to balance the egg on the spoon and go as fast as we could without it falling off.

At end circle, we listened to a story about Easter bunnies making Easter bonnets. We also played a game called sleeping bunnies; when we woke up we had to hop around the room, it was fun!

In messy play we had glittery gloop, play dough, cornflakes and pasta. We used scales to weigh the resources and pretended to make dinner and cakes!

In outside play we used the parachute; it was a windy day and the parachute kept blowing high in the air, it was fun. Then we sang “The wind outside goes whoosh, whoosh, wooh!”

On Friday it was “Wear a hat to school day”. Lots of us made a hat to wear. They were very creative decorated with eggs, chicks, flowers, bunnies and even real carrots!


This week in Reception...


In Literacy we have been learning how to write instructions. We used our phonic knowledge to write instructions on how to make a kite. We followed them to create our own kite to fly on our school trip next week.


In Maths some of us have been working on our addition skills by learning how to count on in our heads.  We really enjoyed using the new mathematical vocabulary, plus and equals, and matching the problem puzzles to their answer.


We have been practising the Spanish words to describe our facial features and learned how to talk about our five senses. In Tasty Treats some of us made a chocolatety Easter treat and they were delicious!! In PE, we had another dance lesson! We learned about how our heart works and were taught a dance to represent the blood moving around out body.


We have celebrated British Science Week this week with a variety of activities. Some of us made Lava Lamps with Mr Benson, we have been observing the chopped celery that has started to grow and some of us have been investigating bug habitats outside with Mrs Hurrell.  


On Friday we had a special drama teacher come in to teach us all. We were all super heroes who had to save the planet! We had lots of fun!


We all came in to school in our non school uniform and a crazy hat for Wear A Hat Day, to raise money for Brain Tumour Research. Lots of us had made our own hats and they all looked amazing, so thank you to everyone who helped us!


Next week...


We will be going on our school trip to Rushmere Country Park!

We will be carrying on our number work in Maths, including addition.

The rest of us will be making or chocolatety Easter treat and other Easter fun!


This week in year one


We have been enjoying taking part in British Science Week. The children learnt about Louis Pasteur and have taken part in four exciting science investigations, covering all three of the main science disciplines: learning about the effects of exercise with Mr Roche, learning about water resistance and making boats with Mrs Wood and learning about forces with Mrs Dell to try to identify her mystery cans. With Mr Wilkinson, we took part in the Royal Society of Chemistry's Global Experiment to investigate what materials would be best for a spacesuit. Our results are already on the Royal Society's website.


This week we have been reading about armour, writing descriptions of knights and then working in groups to write acrostic poems about knights.  In maths, we were continuing to learn about money: identifying coins and working out how to add them together to make different amounts.


We have started to learn about dragons. We learnt the story of St George and the dragon and shared the Julia Donaldson story, Zog.


Some more of our children have become Knights. Many of them have already been knighted by the King (who looked quite a lot like Mr Benson!)


On Friday, the children were showing off their amazing hats during Wear a Hat Day. Thanks to all for your donations to Brain Tumour Research and your support for this very important charity.


Next week, we will carrying on learning about dragons and will be hearing a famous Welsh legend. We will also be learning about Easter. On Thursday, the children will be taking part in our Fabulous Finish: a historical banquet. Don't forget our usual end-of-term breakfast morning from 8am on Thursday.


This week in Year 2

We have been taking part in the amazing Science Week. This involved the children doing science lessons with all four KS1 teachers covering different areas of the curriculum.

In the session with Mrs Wood the children powered mini boats using soap, with Mrs Dell they had to find out what was inside different cans using their scientific enquiry skills, with Mr Wilkinson they took part in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s global experiment and with Mr Roche they designed a test to find out which exercise was the most tiring.

It was great to see the children happily engaged in science and asking so many interesting questions.

We have also been looking at numberlines for subtraction problems in maths and have been really pleased with the attitude and focus of the children to take on what is a challenging part of the curriculum. Lots of value stamps have been awarded J

This Week in Year 3

What an exciting week we’ve had! This week has been Science Week. Each class rotated to each Key Stage 2 teacher to investigate different Roman themed experiments. These investigations included

  • How volcanos  erupt and different ways explosions can be caused
  • How to make a boat float through learning about water resistance and air resistance
  • How the Romans boiled salty water to get salt through water evaporation.
  • Looked at the different types of rocks and had a go at making a crystal

In Literacy this week we wrote our own versions of ‘The Captive Celt’. We had to decide upon our own resolution and ending, trying to use powerful verbs and adverbs to express how the characters were feeling.

On Wednesday we walked into town and visited All Saints church to take part in some Easter activities. We heard the story of Jesus’ last week before he died, decorated some candle holders and tried out some scratch art.

We have been raising money for charities this week. We demonstrated our fitness by running a mile for Sports Relief. We ran 16 laps around our school playground. Some of us tried to run as quickly as we could but we ALL persevered and managed to complete the mile. On Friday we all wore a hat to school and came in non-uniform to raise money for Brain Tumour research. We’ve also been busy collecting Easter eggs for the children at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Thank you everyone for all your support.

This week in year four


We have been very busy with science week. We now know

•   How the shape of a boats hull impacts the way it moves through water.

•    How Romans obtained salt from sea water to help preserve their food.

•   How volcanic rocks are formed and crystals are made.

•   How volcanoes are made and what happens when they erupt.


We have also continued reading and working from the Captive Celt book in literacy. We have been working hard on finishing our ILAs and spent an enjoyable time raising money for charity with our mile run and wear a hat days.


Next week we are looking forward to taking part in our fabulous finish.

Leedon Lower School PE

Week Ending Friday 18th March

This week your child has been learning about and participating in the following activities;

Reception – Dance: Talked about how the heart works. They watched a clip from ‘Hooplakidz’   - the heart.  Discussed how the heart pumps blood around the body.  Children pretended they were the heart pumping blood and then moved like the blood.  Children worked in groups and had to work together and in time to the music. 

Year 1 –   Gymnastics:  To be able to take body weight on hands.  Bunny jumps.  Squat on to a bench. Some children managed to squat on to a table top.

Year 2 – Gymnastics: Apparatus work, Rolling, hurdle step, squat onto bench/table top.

Some students worked with a Gymnastics coach, Elliott Browne, from Harlequin Gym Cub and some continued Tri golf putting skills.

Year 3 – Quick sticks – To be able to do a successful push pass. Children played different games to work out the best technique to use.

Gymnastics – Circuit of gymnastics activities, involving weight bearing and rolling.  Using; the wall bars, benches, mats and table tops.

Year 4   - Saturn continue Swimming lessons and Moon class have continued Football looking at control in a 3v1 situation and special awareness in a passing game.

Extra - Curricular News

Year 3 and 4 girls had football goal keeper training on Monday lunchtime. 

Year 3 and 4 afterschool Football club continued on Tuesday after school.  Children who want to take part MUST have their own football boots and Shin pads.  

Children participated in the Sports Relief mile on Thursday.  They had a lot of fun and displayed perseverance to complete the course.  Thank you to the Year 4 sports leaders who did a great job organising and motivating the younger children.  Please can we have all sponsorship forms and monies returned to the school office by Wednesday 23rd March.  Thank you all for your support with this event.



What we have been learning this week in school

Week Ending – Friday 22nd January 2016


This week the new Reception outdoor area was opened and the children absolutely love it. We have had half the area covered in an all weather surface and the rest paved. We have big plans for the area including a summerhouse and interactive wall coverings. The new school hall was also revealed this week with the temporary dividing wall being taken down. The hall will be fully open on February 6th and we can’t wait. The six new classrooms are having ‘Learning Walls’ built this coming week and everything is on schedule for a handover at the end of next month.

This week at Little Learners we have:

Been learning about the colour blue.

We made glittery blue fish and talked about the colour of the sea.

We made blue monster masks, they made us scary!

We cut out blue shapes and had to count them and match them to numbers, 1-5.

We explored textures playing with blue play dough, gloop and pasta!

We made marks in the frost outside and when we brushed the frost off the climbing frame, it looked like it was snowing!

We were watching all the lorries and diggers on the building site next to our garden; some of them are very noisy! We saw the men using drills, they were very noisy too!

We played “What’s the time Mr Wolf” in the garden and counted our steps.

We dressed as princesses and danced to music pretending we were at a ball!

We sang some new songs at end circle about the colour blue. We had to stand up if we were wearing blue and talk about other things that are blue.

This week in Reception;


In Maths we have been using uni-fix cubes to measure how long our footprints are and record this in a table. Some of us have started using rulers to measure our feet in centimetres. 


In Literacy, we have been learning what it means to be unique. We started reading Elmer and Rose as a class and tried to predict the ending before we finished the book. A few of us got it right! Then, we drew our very own unique elephant, gave it a unique name and wrote about why it was unique. 


In PE we have been practising forming our shapes or moving on the equipment and some of us even jumped off it.  In Tasty Treats we have continued making pink smoothies and trying the pink milk. We had to make sure that everyone had their turn. 


In Science we have been investigating ice balloons. We discussed what we thought was inside the balloon and how it got there. We then experimented by adding different things to the ice and observing the effects they had. 


We have been very busy making food for our Rainbow Cafe and Shop to sell. Some of us also made paintings to decorate the area and a sign telling everyone what it is called. 


Next week.... 


We will be learning about graphs in Maths and we will be reading another story in Literacy. We will all have a go at another science experiment to make something special and there will be a colourful surprise to make and eat in Tasty Treats. 

This week in Year 1;


We were reading the story of Sleeping Beauty and trying to use more descriptive language in our writing.

We talked about the materials we would find in a castle - and where they would be used.

We talked a lot about poo! Mainly because we discovered there were many jobs in a castle that we really wouldn't like.

Please ask your child what the 'Groom of the Stool' and a Gong farmer did for a living.

We wrote questions to find out more about some of the jobs and were very excited to mysteriously receive replies from the knight, the page, the cook, the gong farmer and the Groom of the Stool!

Then we imagined what it would be like to work in the castle and wrote about what we would do and see.

In maths we were counting to 100, adding and subtracting and ordering numbers. Then we had to deal with the 'Fletchers Dilemma' when we had to use our problem solving skills to work out how many arrows the archers might need and the scores they might get by hitting a target.

Next week we will continue developing our descriptive language. We will be practising sequencing objects and numbers, and counting in 2's, 5's and 10's.

I wonder if we'll get any more letters.....

This week in Year 2;

This week’s story was Sleeping Beauty. We shared the story and took turns to read out parts. We thought about how to improve the story and looked at the different types of words.


In our guided reading activity we were finding out about William 1 and looking at the features of a non-fiction text. We answered questions and looked at the meaning of new vocabulary.


In our English work, we have been looking at how to spell plurals. We have enjoyed playing Pond Plurals on phonics play. You could try this at home too – just go to free resources and phase 6.


As part of our topic work we learnt about the different jobs that people did in a castle. The gong farmer was our favourite! We shared our learning through presentations and role play. We enjoyed watching some clips from Horrible Histories. We worked in groups to design large pictures of castles and decorated them using paper pieces to create a mosaic effect. They look fantastic.


In Maths we have been working on using greater than and less than mathematical symbols when comparing numbers.


Next week we will be reading a story about a princess who gets caught in a storm! 

This week in Year 3;

This week in Year 3 we have continued our exploration into life during Ancient Egyptian times. In response to Ay's plea for help, we have written newspaper reports about Tutankhamun. Now we just need to send them back through our time travelling typewriter. We have also written a narrative in Big Write about what we would say to Ay if we travelled back in time. Elsewhere in the curriculum, we have continued collecting information about the Ancient Egyptians and presenting our findings for our topic books.

This week in Year 3 has also seen the arrival of our two new trainee teachers, Mr Carter In Venus and Miss McGuiness in Pluto.

We are very excited as next week we will be having an art specialist visiting us and running a session on Ancient Egyptian art. Our school trip is also now only a week away so please make sure all permission slips are returned to school early next week. If you have any queries, please speak to a member of the Year 3 team or the school office as soon as possible.

This week in Year 4

We have continued with our independent activities – our favourites are writing messages to each other in hieroglyphs (we’re even dabbing them with tea bags for an old fashioned look), playing Senet (which was Tutankhamun’s favourite game) and researching Egypt, the Nile and King Tut.

Our big writing task this week was to write about a time travel adventure to find out how Tutankhamun died. One piece of year 4 writing began: “Everything was still. Was I still alive? My eyelids seemed as heavy as rocks and my body seemed as stiff as steel. Where was I?” – We were really impressed!

We are busily working on our newspaper articles and attempting to uncover the truth about the death of the boy king. We had great fun coming up with headlines such as ‘KING TUT’S TIME’S UP’!

We’re now really looking forward to our fantastic week that involves a visit to Verulamium as well as Grafham Water! Get your wellies ready!

Leedon Lower School PE;

This week your child has been learning about and participating in the following activities;

Reception – Gymnastics; to move over, under and through equipment.

Year 1 –   Jumping, hopping and stepping skills.

Circuit activities; of front and back support, two footed jumps, balancing and sprinting.

Year 2  - Overarm throwing

Gymnastics – Continuing basic Shapes, squat on to a bench and introduction to rolling.

Year 3 – Indoor Athletics:  40M sprint test and Standing Long Jump.

Gymnastics – Rolling; sideways, forwards roll and teddy bear roll.

Year 4 –   Saturn continue Swimming lessons and Moon class have had a Dance specialist doing Lindy Hop where they have been incorporating cannon and unison into their routines.

Indoor Athletics – Running and Javelin throw.

Extra - Curricular News

Gymnastics Club continues after school in preparation for the District competition next Month.

Year 1 Children had netball club with the Year 4 Sports Leaders at lunchtime.

Other afterschool clubs will commence again after half term (Weather Permitting).



What we have learnt this week


Week Ending Friday 15th  January 2016


This week at Little Learners we have:

Used tubes to dip into different colour paint, and then we made patterns and marks on paper.

Played with the real tools; hammering nails and sawing wood. We know we have to be very careful.

Played in the garden with the big parachute; it was windy so we had to hold on tight, it was fun!

Practised our mark making outside when the grass was frosty. We used sticks to make marks and when we rode the scooters and bikes we left tracks.


Used the big blocks to construct models on the floor. We made towers, houses and bridges. We talked about the different size and shape of the blocks.

Practised our fine motor skills by drawing around stencils and threading buttons.

Played with the musical instruments; playing them fast and slow, loud and soft.

We danced to music and played musical statues and musical bumps. It was hard trying to stand still!

We continued to help the new children at settling in; some of them are very small.


This week in Reception;

In Tasty Treats we have started our crazy coloured food tasting! This week, some of us tried a pink smoothie which was made with strawberries, raspberries and milk. We also added pink food colouring to milk! In Spanish we have been playing games to help us remember our numbers. We started gymnastics in PE and learned 8 new shapes that we can make with our bodies.


In Literacy we have been writing lists, labels and signs for our Rainbow Shop and Cafe. We used our phonics to help us write words. Now we know exactly what we need, we will start to make everything in our construction area and then paint it to use in our colourful role play area.


In Maths we have started learning about measuring. We have been looking for objects that are taller, shorter and equal to a strip of card and been trying hard to use mathematical language. We have also made footprints, which we will use next week in our maths.


We have been painting pictures of our favourite toys in our favourite colour and making colourful pictures for a display background. The teachers have started to make a rainbow with our multi coloured hand prints. Did you guess what it would be?


Next week…

We will be continuing to learn about measuring in our Maths.

In Literacy we will be looking at a new Elmer story and learning about what it means to be unique.

We will carry on our favourite colour paintings, ready to go up in our Art Gallery.

We had lots of fun playing with the ice today, so we will be find out more about ice next week.


This week in Year One;

The main event in Year One this week was our trip to Warwick Castle on Tuesday.  We were very proud of our well-behaved children who had a wonderful time at the castle.  We stomped up hills, climbed towers, peered into dungeons, stormed gates, watched hawks and admired some amazing weaponry.  We even had time for a story from a Princess and to make our own knight's shields!


Since coming back to school, we have done lots of follow-up work from our trip.  We made story maps about our trip.  We have learnt about the history of Warwick castle and made a timeline.  We have learnt about the different parts of a castle and made a castle out of children!  We have been learning about the origin of some of the words used to describe parts of a castle and learnt two words with French origins.  Can your child remember what either the garderobe or the oubliette are?


This week, we had our first go at Medieval Maths.  Our first challenge was 'The Catapult of Catastrophe'.  We worked together to design and make catapults and measured how far they travelled.  We talked about metres and centimetres and practised writing numbers.  We practised counting in 10s whilst building our own castle walls and then had to take away the bricks that our catapults knocked down.


Next week, we will be learning about the people that lived in castles.  We will be finding out about all the different jobs that they did in the castle and the differences between the lives of the different people in the castle and the differences between their lives and our lives today.  In maths, we will be looking at numbers to 100.




We've just received another letter from the princess.  It reads:-


Dear Year One


When I was just a little girl

A fairy was made mad.

She put a fatal spell on me

Which made my parents sad.


Thank goodness for the fairy

The one that interferes.

She made the spell less horrible;

I slept for a hundred years.



We've asked the children to think about what story this might be.  We'll find out on Monday. but in the meantime, perhaps you could share it with them at home or in a library.  

This week in Year 2

We began the week by thinking about things we would like to learn about castles and practising writing questions using the correct punctuation.

On Tuesday we enjoyed a fantastic visit to Warwick Castle. The children took part in a story and shield making session, clambered up to see the view at the top of the mound and explored the amazing rooms of the castle. The children really enjoyed the experience and were a credit to the school.

We have found out more about each of the different parts of a castle and learnt the names of some of the rooms in a castle’s Keep.

In English we have been looking at how words can be shortened using apostrophes and how to label pictures with key information.


Next week we will be exploring a fairy story about a princess who took a very long nap and learning more about the different jobs that the servants in a medieval castle had.

This Week in Year 3

This week in year 3 there have been further developments from Ancient Egypt. First of all we found a new letter in the time travel typewriter, written in hieroglyphics, that we had to decode. It told us that Tutankhamun had died. We need to find out what happened to him and write a newspaper article to warn other Ancient Egyptians. Using books, laptops, video clips and articles we have found out a few more details. We have also been looking at how newspaper articles are written and how to write a headline.

When we did ILA’s we worked together for a couple of new tasks. We have learnt how to play a game called Sennet as well as sketching people in Egyptian clothes. Finally we have written a narrative about discovering an unopened tomb whilst on a school trip in Egypt.

This week in Year 4;

In year 4 this week we have continued to learn about Egypt.

In literacy we have been learning about how to write newspaper reports and doing research so that we can write a report about Tutankhamen’s death. We have learnt what makes a good headline and had great fun writing some of our own using puns, alliteration and rhymes. We have also worked on really great opening paragraphs for our articles which tell the reader who, what, where, when and why.

In our independent activities we have been making canopic jars out of clay, these are drying at the moments and we will paint them next week. We have also been making tomb paintings and thinks about what these paintings were used to show in ancient Egypt and the colours they used. This has helped us to make ours look as Egyptian as possible. We have also been writing stories and learning about the river Nile and why it was important to the ancient Egyptians. We have created some lovely booklets on the Nile using what we have learnt.

Saturn class has had their first swimming lesson and had a great time at the pool, while moon class were continuing with their lindy hop dancing.

Next week in literacy, we will be finishing our newspaper reports and learning how to writing instructions. We will be learning lots about mummification and using this to write our own instructions on how to make a mummy.

Leedon Lower School PE

Week Ending Friday 15th January

This week your child has been learning about and participating in the following activities;

Reception – Gymnastics; basic shapes.

Year 1 –  Core skills of Agility and movement.

Circuit activities of step ups, jumping jacks, bean bag throw, shuttle running.

Year 2  - Core Skills of Jumping and running.

Gymnastics – Basic Shapes and sequence construction.

Year 3 – Indoor Athletics: Agility Test and sprint test.

Gymnastics – Balancing and begin sequence construction.

Year 4 –   Saturn have started their Swimming lessons and Moon class have had a Dance specialist doing Lindy Hop where they have been incorporating hand jives into their routines.

Indoor Athletics – 40M Sprint Test and Standing Long Jump.

Extra - Curricular News

Gymnastics Club continues after school in preparation for the District competition next Month.

Other afterschool clubs will commence again after half term (Weather Permitting).



What we have learned this week in school

Week Ending  8th January


At Little Learners this week we have:


Talked a lot about Christmas and what we got up to in the holidays.

We talked about what Santa had brought us and drew pictures of our toys.

Some of us brought our new things to show everyone at end circle time during “Show and tell”

We enjoyed seeing our friends again and playing new games together!  Favourite games at the moment are mutant turtles and Star wars.

Because so many of us were talking about Star wars, we made light sabres and coloured them in.

We learnt that blue is the colour of Luke Skywalker’s light sabre and red is the colour of Darth Vadars.

We ran around in the garden playing with our light sabres and had lots of fun!

There were lots of new faces at Little Learners this week. We helped them to settle in by showing them all the toys and activities. We also helped by showing them where to wash their hands for snack and at tidy up time.


This week in Reception;

We have started our new topic called Cosmic Colours. We all came into school on Tuesday through the medical room, which was really strange. Something exciting had happened to our classroom! It was really dark and there were colours everywhere! We walked around and found a letter from the author David McKee, explaining he had lost all the characters for his new story.  We went on a hunt with a partner to find the missing characters. Our teachers read the story of Elmer by torchlight, with all the different coloured lights dancing around us.

There were lots of gigantic elephants that we decorated using tissue paper, paint, felt tips, crayons and the pictures of the characters that we found. We will use these to create our own Elmer’s Day Elephant Parade around our classroom.

We talked to our key worker about our Christmas holidays and wrote about what we did in our news writing. Also, each key group chose a different coloured paint and used it to make lots of handprints.  We have talked about our role play area and decided to turn it into a Rainbow Shop and Café.

Next week…

We will be writing a plan for our Rainbow Shop and Café, including signs, labels and lists. We will then use a variety of materials to create what we need and decorate them with lots of colours.

In Science we will begin to learn about how rainbows are made.  We will have our first Spanish and PE lessons of the year and use our handprints to create something special. What do you think it will be?


This week in Year 1;

This week in Year One, we have started our new topic: Turrets and Tiaras.  We have been exploring our new Castle role play areas and have been making things to give our classrooms a medieval feel.  The children have shared what they already know about castles and we have talked about what we would like to find out about the topic over the next few weeks.  

On Wednesday, we found a chest in Mr Wilkinson's castle.  It had some artifacts in it that belonged to a princess, with clues about the story they might have been from.  There was also a note from the princess, which led us to find out about the story of 'The Frog Prince'.  We shared the story, role played it and had a go at retelling it, both orally and in writing.  We also learnt about frogs' life cycles in Science and tried some frog-themed maths problem solving exercises.

We wrote a postcard to the princess.  Maybe we'll hear from her again...

We have talked about New Years Resolutions and thought about what promises we could make for 2016.


We will be visiting Warwick Castle on Tuesday 12 January.  That visit will be the focus of our learning next week.  We will be finding out more about how and why castles were built, who lived in them and what their lives would have been like.


This week in Year 2;

We have started our exciting new topic called Turrets and Tiaras! We began the topic by creating dazzling crowns using repeated patterns to add the decorations. We also wrote a set of instructions to allow others to recreate our crowns. As New Year is often a time for thinking about things we would like to improve we made our own resolutions, we presented them as torches of hope, to light our classroom. Our learning this week has been themed around the story of The Frog Prince. We retold the story using drama and we wrote our own versions of the tale using freeze frame photos. We learnt all about the life cycle of a frog and shared our learning through a mixed media art project. 


Next week we are looking forward to visiting Warwick Castle and learning all about life inside a castle. Don’t forget to wrap up warm!


This week in Year 3;

When we came back after the holidays, we had a time machine in the classroom and some people went on it to travel back in time to help Ay who had sent us a call for help in the form of a letter through the type writer. We worked out what Egyptian hieroglyphs translated to in English. Because we translated the letter, we found out that he needed our help as King Tutankhamun had passed away. We are now finding out how King Tutankhamun passed away so we can warn other Ancient Egyptians in a newspaper article. 



We are learning about Ancient Egypt so we have started new ILAs including making thumb pots out of clay to represent Ancient Egyptian canopic jars. Also we have done tomb paintings in the role play area and the miniature world task is to find objects by excavating a small piece of desert. In the reading area we have found out about life in Ancient Egypt and in the Geography area we have discovered all about the River Nile (and it’s been difficult not to spell it Niall). Writing a story was also fun.


Additionally, we have shared last half term’s homework.


This week in year 4;

It has been really exciting! After being challenged to a problem solving task by Detective Headquarters in London, we were given strange communication devices which have mysteriously printed hieroglyphs! We used our knowledge of letter writing to help us translate the hieroglyphs and discovered it was a message from the past! We have now become Time Detectives, tasked with travelling back in time to solve mysteries in different periods in history!

We have started to explore the lives of the Egyptians this week - in our independent activity sessions we have written our own messages in hieroglyphs, played a strategic Egyptian game called Senet and created our own Canopic jars. We've also written time travel stories, climbed into our tomb with a torch to create tomb paintings and begun to discover about the River Nile and it's importance in Ancient Egypt. Next week we have been tasked with spreading the word of King Tutankhamun's death - we're also wondering when the next message will turn up!




What we learnt this week in school

Week Ending 18th December


This week at Little Learners we have:


Performed in our Christmas concert for our families. It was very exciting; we wore our smart clothes and went to the big hall in school. We went up on the stage and sang all the songs that we have been practising. Our families joined in some of the songs with us!

After the concert we had a very special visitor, it was Santa! He came into the hall ringing his bell and waving to us, and then he came into our pre-school to hand out presents!

He also gave us sweets and asked us what we want for Christmas; some of us were a bit shy!

Our families had mince pies and tea and coffee, we had juice and biscuits; it was such a fun day!

We had party food on Thursday and Friday and did lots of games and dancing! We like the Superman song and the Hokey Cokey .

During outside play we did a Christmas obstacle course. We had to go down the slide, walk across the tyres trying to balance, rock on the see saw and finally climb up the climbing frame and say ‘Ho, Ho, Ho’ when we reached the top, then drop down the middle pretending to be Santa coming down the chimney. It was fun!

We also played Christmas themed games such as ‘Sleeping Santas’ and ‘Sleeping reindeers’

We practised our counting by counting how many sleeps until Santa comes. On the last day of the week we counted 7 sleeps until Santa. We are so excited now!

We enjoyed wearing our Christmas jumpers on the last day of term; although we got very hot in them with all the dancing!

We made some cakes; helping to weigh out and mix the ingredients. When they were cool, we iced them with a cherry and pretzels to look like reindeer faces.


This week in Reception;


It has been a true Christmas celebration! At the beginning of the week we made Christmas cards and calendars in our key groups. We also went to watch Little Learners Christmas performance which was lots of fun, especially when we could join in with the songs. We had a Christmas dinner on Wednesday in the hall which was really special, we even had crackers to pull with our friends! 

Thursday was our party day! We dressed in our finest party clothes, watched our nativity DVD and ate party food in the hall with the whole school. After lunch, we took off our shoes and left them in the classroom while we had a disco in the hall. When we came back, there was a present by each pair of shoes... Some of us thought it was the elves, some of us thought it was the Christmas Fairy and some of us thought it was Santa, but nobody knows for sure! It was magical!

Friday we came to school in our Christmas Jumpers to raise money for Save The Children! We all went to the hall to celebrate Christingle, with songs, poems and a prayer. 

Next term we will be exploring colour! In literacy, we will be reading all about the different adventures a special colourful character goes on. We will be trying lots of different ways to use colour in our art work.  We will be experimenting with colour in our science lessons and even using it to help us learn about maths. 


This week in Year One and Two;


On Monday and Tuesday, we took part in different activities led by a different Key Stage 1 teacher.  With Mrs. Wood, we took part in a story activity.  We went to Mr Roche to learn about polar bears; we learnt about how (and what) they hunt and about their habitat.  With Mrs. Dell, we created some Christmas crafts and Mr Wilkinson introduced us to the Boomwhackers and taught us how to play a Christmas tune: Earth class learnt 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town' whilst Sun class learnt 'Jingle Bells'.

On Tuesday, we were fortunate enough to be able to watch the launch of English astronaut Tim Peake's space mission.  We all cheered as the Soyuz space craft took off and watched as it flew into space.  We then thought about how it would feel to travel to space and wrote what we imagined.

On Wednesday, we made more Christmas crafts and enjoyed our Christmas dinner whilst Thursday was Christmas party day.  On Friday, we completed our countdown to Christmas with our Christingle service.


We are looking forward to our trip to Warwick Castle on Tuesday 12 January.  Our topic next term is turrets and tiaras.  


This week in Year 3;


Our final week of the term has been a busy one! The children have worked hard to finish their topic books and celebrating all the work they've done this term. We have also been making Christmas cards, having lots of fun at the Christmas parties and enjoying a lovely Christmas dinner. 'Scrum' has been an exciting topic and the children have learnt a lot and not just about  just about rugby. They have also learnt about different countries and cultures, about our bodies and how to keep them healthy and have seen how important it is to have to demonstrate key values.toto


Our next topic is a history based topic where the children will be exploring different time periods and how they have affected our lives today. The children will be finding our more throughout the term!


This week in Year 4;


This week started wonderfully for year 4, as we had the opportunity to perform a carol concert at All Saints Church. We started our preparations early as we left school at 9.30 and walked down to the church to rehearse. Our carol concert was a resounding success and we had a brilliant time. We have filled the remainder of our topic books this week and finished off our independent learning activities. The week has been great fun – filled with Christmas activities, party games in the hall, making Christmas decorations, eating Christmas dinner and our Christmas party lunch. We even had time to fit in a table tennis championship!

Our next topic is a history based topic where the children will be exploring different time periods and how they have affected our lives today. The children will be finding our more throughout the term!


Leedon Lower School PE


Week Ending Friday 18th December

Year 1 – Hockey  - Being able to use team work and space in small games.

Year 3 – Tag Rugby : Being able to use team work and space in small games.

A Football coach from the Bedfordshire FA is working with Year 3 children.  Dribbling, and passing the ball in isolation and in competition.

Extra - Curricular News

Gymnastics trials took place on Tuesday.

Spring Term PE Curriculum

Reception – Gymnastics and Dance

Key Stage 1 – Indoor Athletics and Gymnastics

Year 3 – Indoor Athletics and Gymnastics

Year 4 

Moon Class  - Dance and Indoor Athletics

Saturn Class - Swimming and Indoor Athletics.

Extra - Curricular

Some children will be representing the school at:

KS1 and KS2 Gymnastics on Tuesday 2nd February

Year 4 Indoor Athletics on Tuesday 23rd February

Our district winning KS2 Tag Rugby Team will compete in the County School Games Finals on Friday 4th March

Year 2 Indoor Athletics on Tuesday 8th March



Overall in School

Week Ending Friday 11th December


We have seen all the children take part in fantastic Christmas performances, where they all showed how much they had enjoyed the experience. Well done everyone for your hard work and enthusiasm.


We also went to the Pantomime on Friday and all the children were a real credit to the school booing and laughing in all the right places and dancing throughout. All the children also enjoyed laughing at Mr. Benson, who was picked on throughout by Buttons!


Thank you to everyone who supported our Christmas Fayre last Friday. We raised just over £1700 for the school, which is a fantastic amount.


This week we have already had a lovely Carol Concert hosted by the Year 4 children at All Saints church. The singing was lovely as always.


With Christmas Dinner, Party Day and Christmas Jumper day on Friday, it will be another busy but Christmassy week ahead.


At Little Learners this week we have:


Visited the cookery room at school and made sausage rolls. We rolled out the pastry, helped to chop the onions and mixed everything together. We mixed in herbs to give a nice flavour. Some of us did cheese and onion rolls instead.


We were kept very busy making Christmas decorations. We used lots of glitter, glue and cotton wool to make hanging snowmen, snowflakes, stockings and candy canes. They are hanging everywhere!


We made calendars to take home as a present. We had our picture taken by the Christmas tree to put on our calendars. We talked about what we use a calendar for.


We practised our writing when we made Christmas cards to send to our friends and family.


Some of us went to the big school hall to watch the Reception children in their Christmas performance. We enjoyed watching the big children singing. We behaved very well!


We continued to practise our number recognition by opening the doors on our Advent calendar; it is getting closer and closer to Christmas!


Every day we are practising our songs for our concert.  Not long to go now until we are up on the stage singing in front of all our friends and family!


This week in Reception:

We have really got into the Christmas spirit and have continued to decorate our classroom with all things Christmassy. We went outside for PE and practised how to guard a goal and stopped other children running through by tagging them. We have been learning how to say reindeer, Christmas tree, bauble, star and presents in Spanish. We coloured in pictures of them to decorate a huge Christmas tree.


We have done a lot of work on our Nativity this week. On Wednesday we had our dress rehearsal in front of the whole school which went really well. All of our costumes looked amazing, thank you to everyone who helped us make them!


Everyone of us performed our nativity TWICE on Thursday. We worked so hard and everyone said we did a fantastic job! We sang beautifully, everyone could hear our words; we were all smiling and had lots of fun. We were so excited to see all the family and friends who came to watch us!


On Friday we had a very exciting trip to The Grove Theatre to see Cinderella! Thank you to everyone who came to help us, we hope you had as much fun as we did. We said hello to Buttons, laughed lots, booed at the ugly step sisters, danced to a few songs and even got ice cream during the interval, it was delicious!


Next week we will be making Christmas cards and calendars, having a Christmas dinner and a party day! We will also be having our Secret Student treat day!


This week in Year One;


We have been getting ready for our performance.  We started this week with a dress rehearsal for our play and ended it with a trip to watch Cinderella at the Grove Theatre in Dunstable.


We performed our Christmas play with our friends from Year 2 three times this week, getting better every time. Thank you all for your support, especially in getting us back to school for Tuesday evening's performance. We sang, acted and spoke very clearly and made our teachers and families very proud.


We have been thinking about Christmas. We have been making more Christmas crafts. We wrote to Santa and have been learning a little more about the Christmas story. We sequenced the events in the Christmas story and wrote short captions.


In Maths, we have been playing counting on and number recognition games.


In PE, we have been developing our hockey skills, especially in ball control and tackling. We have carried on with our Giraffes Can't Dance work in our Thursday dance lesson.


Next week, we will be recapping on the amazing progress we have made in reading and maths this term. We will be doing some seasonal activities, led by each of the year 1 and 2 teachers. We will be using the Boomwhackers in music.


This week in Year 2;


We performed our productions! The children spoke clearly and sang beautifully. They were a credit to the school and their families. The stunning rendition of Christmas Gold brought tears to many an eye.


We also enjoyed watching the other key stages performances. Everyone was amazing and the children thoroughly enjoyed them.


In English we created characters for our stories. The children made puppets and acted out the stories to each other. We encouraged them to use lots of descriptions to help readers imagine the settings. We wrote the tales of the kings’ journey as part of our Big Writing. The children had some very imaginative ideas!


We had a great time watching Cinderella at The Grove Theatre on Friday. The children hissed, booed and cheered with great enthusiasm and had a fantastic time. 


This week in Year 3;


This week has been performance week and we have been extremely busy. The children performed their play 4 times over Monday and Tuesday and were fantastic! We are very proud of each and every one of them for all their hard work and being absolute stars!


Thank you to everyone who came to support the children and we hope you enjoyed it as much as the children enjoyed performing.


Throughout the week the children have also had the pleasure of watching the Key Stage 1 and Reception Class dress rehearsals as well as having a great time watching the professionals on Friday at the pantomime. The children have also been busy finishing off this terms ILAs and working hard on their topic books.


This week in year 4;


We finally performed our Key Stage 2 play, A Midwife Crisis. We performed the play four times, including our dress rehearsal to the rest of the school, and each performance was better than the last!


We also had the opportunity to watch the Key Stage 1 and Reception plays, which were both fantastic. We have now started to focus on our carol concert at All Saints Church on Monday. We had a festive Big Write this week, retelling the story of The Snowman by Raymond Briggs - lots of children have decided it was their favourite Big Write yet.


On Friday we had a wonderful trip to the Grove Theatre to watch their Cinderella pantomime! We had a great time joining in with the songs, and Bailey and Jodie even got to go up on stage - they both seemed to be naturals!


Leedon Lower School PE


This week your child has been learning about and participating in the following activities;

Reception – Movement skills and change of direction to invade space.

Year 1 – Hockey  - Passing the ball in isolation and in small-sided games.

A Dance specialist is leading lessons and children finished their story of Gerald’s Dance.

Year 2  - Multi  - skills.

Hockey –  Passing the ball into space and 3 v 3 games.

Year 3 – Tag Rugby : Support play and 4 v 4 games.

A Football coach from the Bedfordshire FA is working with Year 3 children.  Dribbling and passing the ball in isolation and in competition.

Year 4 – Multi skills continued.

Qwik Sticks – Passing and movement into a space.  3 v 3 Games.

Extra - Curricular News

Year 3 and 4 Girls Football training continues on Tuesday lunchtimes.

Key stage 1 clubs will resume after Christmas.

Reminder - all children should have outdoor PE kit with them.




Week ending Friday 4th December

Weekly Overview

Another busy week saw Year 1 – 4 cooking up a storm, plays being polished and a very successful Christmas Fayre. Thank you to everyone for helping out with donations, selling and setting up. I hope everyone enjoyed seeing ‘The Big Man’. It really dos feel that Christmas is just around the corner.


Next week all of the children will perform their Christmas plays and finish the week watching Cinderella at the Grove Theatre. Another busy week ahead.


At Little Learners this week we have:


Decorated our Christmas tree; It was fun, there was tinsel everywhere!

We have been doing lots of Christmas crafts. We decorated baubles with glue and glitter and made glittery snowflakes to hang from the ceiling.

We wrote letters to Santa saying what we would like for Christmas; popular choices were cars and yoyos!

We helped to make a big Advent calendar; we practise our number recognition by looking for the number each day and taking turns to open it.

We made a Christmas post box and decorated it with lots of snow and glitter; we will post our Christmas cards to our friends into the box.

We went on a walk to visit the animals; we saw the chickens, pigs and goats.

We got messy playing with glittery jelly, gloop, shaving foam and pasta; it was fun mixing it all up!

Some of us went to visit Santa in his Grotto at the big school; we were shy.

We visited the big children in reception, we like seeing what they get up to.

We made mince pies. We rolled out the pastry and cut shapes to go on top.


This week in Reception –


We have been using what we have learned in Literacy and Phonics to support our emergent writing. We use our emergent writing each week when we work in our key groups to do our news writing. In Maths, we are carrying on our work on 3D shapes by playing 3D shape games and going on a 3D shape hunt around our classroom.


In Spanish we have been perfecting how to count to 10. We have also been playing games to practise the colours we learned last week as well as a few new ones. We also listened to a Spanish Christmas song! In PE, we were practising balancing a bean bag on a bat. We tried walking and running around while carrying it and using the bat to throw our bean bag up in the air and catch it.


On Tuesday, we found a white sparkly trail in the playground. It led us to a note from the Christmas Fairies, explaining that they have left us a surprise in our garden. So we all followed Mrs Hurrell and found an amazing Christmas tree, with a letter thanking us for being so kind and caring! We have been using our amazing art and design skills to make small decorations for this tree and bigger decorations to put up around the room.


The rehearsals for our nativity are going really well. We have even practised it on the stage and watched each other’s performances. Lots of costumes have been brought in and we are looking forward to seeing the rest on Monday!


This week in Year One

We have been working very hard on our Christmas performance.  We used the stage for the first time on Thursday and are looking forward to Monday's dress rehearsal and our performances later in the week.

We learnt about the story of the Three Wise Men. We imagined what their journey must have been like and were cartographers for the day: drawing maps of their route. We used the story and the maps to help us write our own stories about their journey.

We have been carrying on thinking about the days and months in maths.

We have been learning about Advent and made our own decorations to go on our class Christmas trees.

In PE, we were working on our movement and hockey skills, and we carried on our Giraffes Can't Dance dance work.

On Wednesday, we made apple and mincemeat samosas. They were delicious.


Next week is performance week. We hope to see you either on Tuesday afternoon or evening or on Wednesday morning. In class, we will be finding out more about the story of Christmas. We will also be spending the next two weeks reflecting on a very good term's work in Year 1 and looking back at consolidating our maths learning. 


This week in Year Two

We have been very busy practising our production.  The children have worked hard to learn all the songs and their lines. We have also begun to get into the Christmas spirit by decorating our classrooms.

In Spanish we have been learning new Christmas themed vocabulary and finding out about Christmas traditions in Spain.

We enjoyed taking part in a cooking workshop. We made samosa mince pies; the children behaved beautifully and enjoyed the experience; we hope you had a chance to share the pies with your children!

In English we have been thinking about where the three wise kings might have come from and used our imaginations to invent our own kingdoms for the kings. The children drew detailed maps using geographical features and landmarks. They learnt about using a key and compass directions. We then explored ways to describe settings by using adjectives.


Next week we will be performing our production for audiences! Monday is our dress rehearsal for the school. 


This week in Year Three


It is very nearly show time and our play is just about ready for our upcoming performances next week. We also had a Christmas cookery session where all the children had a go at making mince meat and apple samosas. They were delicious! As Christmas is getting closer, we have had a go at some Christmas maths and have decorated our classrooms. In Spanish the children had a go at making Christmas decorations and learnt the Spanish vocabulary for each decoration. Friday has been very exciting, Father Christmas came to visit and we had the Christmas bazaar.


Next week we have our Christmas performances and we hope to see as many of you there as possible! Our performances are Monday at 2pm and 6pm and Tuesday at 10am. We would also like to thank all the parents for getting the children’s costumes in this week, they all look great!



This week in Year Four


Christmas was in full swing! We're almost ready for our key stage 2 performance of Midwife Crisis, and we've enjoyed joining year 3 in the hall - we really have something to live up to in our leavers' concert! We enjoyed a fantastic trip to All Saints Church on Monday, where we took part in lots of Christmas activities. in Spanish, we made Christmas decorations to brighten up our classroom - Feliz Navidad! We have also read a version of the Christmas story in preparation for our carol concert at All Saints Church on 14th December. Friday was Christmas bazaar day and most of us went to visit Father Christmas. We also ran our own stall at the bazaar - a speed stacking competition. The fastest time anyone managed was 9.38 seconds, which was fast but nowhere near the world record at 1.8 seconds!


Leedon Lower School PE


Week Ending Friday 4th December

This week your child has been learning about and participating in the following activities;

Reception - Using a racket to balance a bean bag or ball.

Year 1 – Hockey  - Controlling the ball and defending a target in isolation and in competitive situations.  4 v 4 games.

A Dance specialist is leading lessons and children were adding different levels into their routines.

Year 2  - Multi  - skills.

Hockey –  Dribbling, and passing the ball in isolation and in competition.

Year 3 – Tag Rugby : Support play and 4 v 4 games.

A Football coach from the Bedfordshire FA is working with Year 3 children.  Dribbling, and passing the ball in isolation and in competition.

Year 4 – Swimming or multi skills continue.

Qwik Sticks – Passing and movement skills in isolation and in a competitive situation.

Extra - Curricular News

Year 3 and 4 Girls Football training continues on Tuesday lunchtimes.

Year 2 Tag Rugby club is cancelled on Monday 7th December - due to the Christmas plays.

Year 1 Netball Club continues on Thursday Lunchtime.


Reminder - all children should have outdoor PE kit with them.




What we have been learning this week in school

Week Ending Friday 27th November 2015


We have had another busy week at Leedon. The sound of Christmas songs fills the school.

Thank you to everyone for your donations to the Christmas Fayre, it should be a fantastic fundraising event next Friday between 2.30 and 4.30pm.

Lots of orders to meet the ‘Big Man’, (Father Christmas), he should be kept busy all day. We have taken delivery of his presents for the children, as he has sent them ahead to make sure they are here for his visit.

As you read this we will be mid way through ‘Crafty Christmas’ taking place in the hall. There are lots of different activities for families to get involved in and crafts to take away.

Our Christmas tree entry was put up last night in All Saints church, adorned with our ‘flock’ of sheep.

Next week year 1 – 4 will be having a Christmas Cookery day and Year 4 will be visiting All Saints Church on Monday morning for the ‘Christmas Trail’ and workshops.

Cycle to Santa also starts next week on our mission to get to Lapland.

Moon Class were this week’s ‘Healthy Journey to School’ winners, whilst Saturn Class were the ‘Tidy Classroom’ of the week victors.  


This week in Little Learners

We painted a rainbow, identifying all the colours and talking about what makes a rainbow.

We practised our cutting skills using scissors to cut around different shapes and make a shape collage.

We made sandwiches to take home. We chose white or brown bread and there was a choice of fillings. We spread the fillings all by ourselves and used a knife to cut our sandwiches into squares or triangles.

We played in the garden with the big parachute. We had to identify different colours by jumping on them on the ground.

We used the real tools; sawing, cutting and hammering.

Some of us visited the reception class and enjoyed exploring all the areas.

We went for a walk around the school grounds looking for shapes in the environment. When we got back we drew what we saw; some of us drew Mr Benson!

We went to the cooking room and made shortbread. We helped to weigh the ingredients, mix them, roll them out and cut out shapes.

We did lots of dancing and singing. “Let it go” is still the big favourite!

We continued to practise our Christmas songs; we are getting better!

We got the Christmas tree from the cupboard ready to decorate, it was very exciting!


This week in Reception

In Literacy we have been looking about how characters feel within a story. We read ‘Something Else’ and talked about how he felt when the other characters were unkind to him and what we could do to make him feel better. We wrote sentences about how he felt in speech or thought bubbles, cut them out and glued them to a picture from the story.


In Maths we have been learning about 3D solid shapes, using mathematical terminology to describe them, including faces, corners and edges. We also looked at what 2D shapes we could see on the 3D shapes.


In PE we practised throwing and catching and some of us even used these skills to complete a relay race against our friends. In Spanish we are continuing to learn the names of colours, including red, white and blue.


In Tasty Treats some of us tried a lot of interesting looking fruit: kiwi, persimmon fruit, pomegranate and blueberries. We will all take turns over the next few weeks in our key groups.


We have been practising our Nativity a lot this week. All of our songs are sounding beautiful and we have even been in the hall to practise. We know where we will be sitting, what part we will be playing and have begun to practice saying our lines in really big voices.


Today we had a non-school day uniform and lots of us brought in Christmas chocolates for our Christmas Fayre.


This week in Year 1

We have been very busy rehearsing our play, "No L in Christmas".  We have been given our parts and have been working very hard to practise our lines.  Any help that you can give your child to learn their lines over the weekend would be really useful.  We have been learning all our songs for the play and have been using some percussion instruments to try to make them sound even better.

In our writing lessons, we have been learning about punctuation: capital letters and full stops.  We have been trying to match the correct upper and lower case letters to each other and have been thinking about all the different times we use capital letters.  We have been thinking about the days of the week in numeracy and have been practising our number bonds again.  We have been carrying on with our dance lessons based on 'Giraffes Can't Dance'.

Next week is our final full week of rehearsals.  Mr. Wilkinson has promised Team Points to anyone who is word perfect by Monday's rehearsal.  We will carry on learning about time and will be practising sentence writing (with full stops and capital letters).  We will also be doing some Christmas cookery on Wednesday.


This week in Year 2


We have started rehearsing our play. Everyone has been given lines to learn and we have practised speaking them out loud. It has been tricky making sure we say our line loud enough! We have learnt lots of new Christmas songs as well as practising some familiar favourites.  We are finding it hard to choose our favourite song.


We have finished our Mr. Men books and shared them with each other. We enjoyed making our own characters and illustrating our books to make them appealing.


In Maths we have been working on adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers and seeing patterns when counting in different steps.


In PE we have been playing hockey and working on our dribbling skills and improving our teamwork when playing in a 2 v 2 situation.


In Spanish we have been learning how to say the family vocabulary. We labeled pictures with the Spanish words and practised saying them to each other.


We have evaluated our clay diva lamps and thought about how we could improve them next time.


Next week our rehearsals will be in full swing and we will enjoy the challenge of remembering our lines without our scripts!


This Week In Year 3

In year 3 this week we have been writing an explanation text that is about our digestive system. To make it easier to write and understand, we watched a DVD about the digestive system as well as watching a scientific demonstration using bread and coke.

We have been practising our play all week and we are nearly getting the hang of it! This weekend we need to practise our lines for the play because next week we will be rehearsing without our scripts. We will also need our costumes in school early next week. 

In PE this week we have been playing matches with Mrs Cullen in tag rugby and working on changing direction in football with Mr Maker. We have continued our body ILAs and our topic books are filling up. With Mr Simone in Spanish, we have been learning the words for family members.

In Pluto Class we have been making little sheep and shepherds to go on Leedon’s tree at All Saints church. The All Saints tree festival runs from Friday 27th November until 5pm on Sunday 29th November. Why not go and see if you can find the Leedon tree.

Next week we will be continuing to rehearse our play and finishing our explanation texts. On Thursday we will be taking part in a Christmas cooking session with Mrs Carr and on Friday it’s the Christmas Fayre!


This week in Year 4

This week in year 4, we had a breath-taking (thanks Oscar) visit to Hazard Alley, the Safety Centre in Milton Keynes. Whilst we were there, we all made an emergency phone call (by dialling 999 on a public phone) and asked for an ambulance, the fire service or the police. This was extremely (thanks Oliver) helpful as it prepared us in case we had to do it in real life. We also practised crossing the road, found out about public areas which could be dangerous, learned how to help people in emergency situations and experienced how to put people into the recovery position.

Moon class had their last swimming lesson and had to wear their pyjamas – they learned even more about water safety!

We had our first whole key stage practise of the Christmas performance – we’re getting really good at the songs now! In literacy and science, we have started to learn about how our bodies work. We’ve begun to look at the digestive system.



Leedon Lower School PE

This week your child has been learning about and participating in the following activities;

Reception – Different ways to throw a ball and throw to a target.

Year 1 – Hockey  - Agility, change of direction with and without the ball.

A Dance specialist is leading lessons looking at incorporating hand jive movements into sequences.

Year 2 – Multi - skills, running action, change of speed, in football.

Hockey – Dribbling skills in isolation and in a competitive situation.

Year 3 – Tag Rugby: receiving a pass on the move, tagging in a small-sided area.

A Football coach from the Bedfordshire FA is working with Year 3 children.  Dribbling with the ball, working on close control in isolation and in competition.

Year 4 – Swimming or multi skills continue.

Qwik Sticks – Dribbling skills, dodging skills both in isolation and in a competitive situation.

Extra - Curricular News

Year 3 and 4 girl’s football training continues on Tuesday lunchtimes; we have good numbers attending.

Year 2 Tag Rugby club started on Monday lunchtime.  Children will need football boots to take part.

Year 1 netball club started on Thursday lunchtime.



Week ending Friday 20th November


We managed to raise just over £400 for Children in Need last Friday. It was a great day with over 200 grandparents joining us and having a great day. We also sent 91 shoeboxes to Samaritan’s Purse on Monday (hopefully the photo will be in the LBO).


The new build is progressing well with the first electrical fit, under floor heating and internal walls being completed by next Friday. The hall is also taking shape with the new library space developing ready to ‘break through’ soon. The date for completion has been pushed back to early February, due to weather and unforeseen circumstances.


We will soon be able to take children around the new build in high-vis jackets and hardhats to see what the space will look like.


I have written a large number of Head Teacher postcards home today, watch out for that postman. Our Reading Merit Reward scheme is working well with over 30 children already earning a reward from the box. We have restocked so that there is enough for everyone.


This week in Little Learners;

We dressed up as our heroes for Children in Need. We also made Pudsey masks and Pudsey pizzas. Some of our Grandparents came in to play and see what we get up to!


Dressed in our waterproofs and enjoyed running around in the rain trying to catch it!

We have been learning about colours and shapes. We learnt the names of some new shapes such as hexagon and semi- circle.

We explored colour mixing through dipping our hands in different coloured paints and mixing them together to see what colour we made. We printed our hands on to paper; it was fun and very messy!

We added glitter to the play-dough and rolled it out before using the cutters to make lots of different shapes.


We have done lots of dressing up this week pretending we are going to parties! We have an Elsa dress which we all want to wear so we have to take turns.

We have enjoyed dancing to music and playing games such as musical bumps. We also have been playing with the instruments and exploring sounds.

We have been playing lots of role play games with boxes. We took them into the garden so we had more space to roll around!  We pretended the big box was a boat!

We added food colouring to icing to make different colours and then decorated biscuits

Some of us visited the Reception class to see what they get up to!

Every day at end circle we have been practising our singing ready for the concert on 14th December. There are some old favourites and a couple of new ones!


This week in Reception;

We are getting much better at undressing and dressing ourselves ready for PE. Some of us need to remember to check the names on our PE bags and in our clothes to ensure we are picking up the right ones. Most of us can recognise our own names for self-registration and for the snack table. In PE we have been practising rolling a ball whilst sitting, kneeling, standing and running. 


In Spanish we have continued learning how to count to 10, using game and songs to practise and even started learning the names of some colours.


In Literacy we listened to a new story called 'Knock, Knock!' and joined in with the repeating verses. After that we drew our own animals and wrote the animal’s name using our phonic skills to help us sound out cvc (consonant-vowel-consonant e.g. bag, leg) words and other words more independently. We hid them behind a door that we cut out, just like in the story. 


In Maths we have been continuing our work on 2D shapes looking at different shapes. We made shapes out of string, we drew around shapes to make pictures and we played a beanbag shape game. Some of us even talked about the number of corners shapes have, the number of sides they have and whether they are straight or curved. 


This week we decided to turn our role-play area into a shop. We gathered together to write a list of all the items we need and have started to make them in our DT area. We also made salt dough that we are beginning to use to create items to sell. 


During Story Telling we talked about characters, props and settings, as well as having the opportunity to act out what a mummy and a baby would act like. We have also been practicing our joined up handwriting in our key groups.  Lastly, we have started to learn songs from our nativity and discussed the different parts within it. 


Next week...We will be reading a new book called 'Something Else'. We will be talking and writing about how a character within a story may feel and other feelings that we may have. We will be working on 3D shapes and the mathematical language to describe them, including faces, corners and edges. We will be developing our shop role play area and practising our nativity. 


This week in Year 1:

- Enjoyed the Roger McGough poem, The Sound Collector

- Thought about the different sounds that we would hear around our school

- Created our own version of "The Sound Collector"

- Counted in 2s and 10s

- Practised our number bonds to 10 and 20

- Practised ordering numbers from 1 to 10/20

- Learnt how to work out one more and one less than a number

- Investigated all 5 of our Senses in Science. We investigated sounds and took part in blind taste and smell tests. We even checked how good our eyes were

- Learnt about Rangoli patterns, and made our own

- Danced, played hockey and developed our multisports skills in PE

- Found out about our Christmas play and started learning some of the songs


Next week, we will do more work on our play. Learning our parts will be the main focus of next week's literacy lesson. We will also be developing and practicing our sentence writing skills. Our focus in maths next week will be Time. We will also be thinking about light and dark in our Science learning.


This week in Year 2;

We have been following up our work on Diwali by decorating our clay Diwali lamps and also taking a look at Rangoli patterns, paying attention to their use of shape and symmetry to create beautiful designs. On Wednesday, we had our trip to the cinema to watch 'A Dolphin Tale 2' which was a huge success with the children enjoying the film and being a credit to the school with their exemplary behaviour.


In Maths, we have been exploring the place value of two-digit numbers and using these to help us solve calculations. 10 reading champions in Year 2 collected their prizes for reading at home at least 4 times a week, over 5 weeks. In phonics we have been working on spelling words with split diagraphs, for example “time” “cake” “tune”.  


Finally, we have begun the preparation for the Christmas performance with the children taking part in auditions and receiving their part in the school play.


Next week we will be working on using clear, audible speaking voices and singing in harmony with others.


This Week in Year 3;  

We have started learning our Christmas play! With just 2 weeks left to practise, the children have been very busy learning the songs- I’m sure lots of you will have heard them already! Some of the children have also put themselves forward and auditioned for solo parts. Every child has decided whether or not they would like a speaking or non-speaking role. Parts have been allocated and scripts have been given out so it’s time to start learning those lines and getting the costumes ready.


As well as our play, we have also been continuing to work on explanatory texts and have had a go at writing our own explanatory text on the life cycle of frogs or butterflies. The children have also continued working on independent activities based on the body and are learning more every time. Some children in year 3 have made some tree decorations in preparation for the All Saints Church ‘Tree Festival’ that Leedon takes part in every year.


Next week we will begin to stage our Christmas play so please support us at home by helping the children to learn their lines quickly and getting their costumes sent in to school as soon as you can. If you have questions about the play or their costumes please do not hesitate to come and speak to a member of the Year 3 team. 


This Week in Year 4;


We have begun to look at explanation texts. We have watched 'How It's Made' videos, which explained how bubblegum, boats, crisps, fireworks and skateboards are created. We found the videos really interesting and discovered interesting facts - for example, did you know that bubblegum contains plastic?!


We then looked at some texts which explained how things are made - including pencils and jeans - and have started to write our own explanations of the life cycles of butterflies and frogs.


In our independent learning activities this week, we have started to find out about how our bodies work. We have created skeletal images of our hands (by spraying paint over them), made posters to explain personal hygiene rules to younger children, discovered how to wash our hands effectively and looked at how our arm muscles work.

We have also baa baa baa baa baa baa baa begun to learn the words to our Christmas production!  (written by Year 4 children)


Leedon Lower School PE;

We have been learning about and participating in the following activities;

Reception - Different ways to roll and throw a ball.

Year 1 – Hockey  - Agility, change of direction with and without the ball.

A Dance specialist is leading lessons looking at different animal movements to music.

Year 2 - Multi skills, running action, change of speed.

Hockey – agility, change of direction with and without the ball.

Year 3 – Tag Rugby: receiving a pass on the move, with and without opposition.

A Football coach from the Bedfordshire FA is working with Year 3 children.  Transfer of body weight both with and without a ball, in static and competitive situations.

Year 4 – Swimming or multi skills continue.

Qwik Sticks – control of the ball and dodging movements, both with and without a defender.


Extra - Curricular News

Leedon entered the annual year 3/ 4 Tag Rugby tournament at Cedars Upper School. We were very fortunate to have been able to enter both an A and B team.  The B team played very well against other schools ‘A’ teams, with one win, 2 draws and 2 losses.  They all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  The A team were winners of their pool and then, Greenleas in the Semi -final to set up a final against St Leonard’s School.  It was a very close game but with super attacking, support play and defending skills demonstrated by Leedon, we won 3 tries to 2. Leedon now go onto represent Leighton – Linslade in the County Finals in March.  Well done to all.


Year 3 and 4 Rugby club, which did run after school, will no longer be taking place due to the dark nights.

Year 3 and 4 Girls Football training has started on Tuesday lunchtimes, we have good numbers attending.


Billy Quinn and Violet Sibley attended Bronze ambassador sports leader training at Leighton Middle School and are going to be offering lunchtime clubs to KS1 students.

Children from Years 1-4 are to attend a Multi skills festival on Friday at Gilbert Inglefield School.



What we learned this week..

Week ending Friday 13th November



As a school we raised £370 for Children in Need, another amazing amount of money for a great cause.

Our shoeboxes will be collected on Monday (you can still bring in donations). So far we have 91! All of these shoeboxes will bring a smile to a child’s face on Christmas Day. Thank you.

Grandparents Day was another great success with 211 grandparents joining us at different times of the day. I hoped that you all enjoyed your day in school; I know that the children loved having you there. As I predicted, grandparents adopted several children each, and fun was had by all!



In P.E we have been practising travelling with a ball using our hands and feet.

In Spanish we have been working on counting to 10, singing our number songs and using interactive games.

In Tasty Treats we discussed corn kernels and watched them change into popcorn. We also tasted dried apricots.

In Literacy we found a ‘special’ Box containing photos of our teachers’ Grandparents. We then listened to the story ‘My Grandpa is Amazing’. We talked with a partner about our own grandparents, drew pictures of them and wrote about how amazing they are.

In Maths we worked with 2D shapes. We went on a shape hunt, danced a shape dance, created a shape picture and discussed shapes inside a feely bag.

We had our first ‘Story Telling’ session.

We celebrated Children In Need with our Grandparents. We came dressed as our hero and spent the day making Pudsey masks and hats. We even danced with Pudsey! We painted portraits of our grandparents and had our portraits painted by them.

Next week…

We will continue to work on 2D shapes.

We will be learning how to write our names using joined up writing.

We will read ‘Knock Knock’ and ‘My Mum and Dad make me laugh’

We will be transforming our role play area.


Year 1’s Learning Journey: 9-13 November 2015

This week in Year One, we:-

Learnt about 2D and 3D shapes in Maths

Learnt about rhyming words in Literacy

Learnt about Diwali

Learnt about Remembrance Day, and took part in the 2 minute silence

Had a Dance lesson, inspired by ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’

Had our first hockey lesson

Thought about our Senses and how we sense the things around us

Created our own Senses books

Took part in a Sound Walk around the school as part of our senses work

Had a lovely Grandparents’ day.  We did lots of Pudsey and Superhero-related activities and even got to perform Pokarakare Ana to our Grandparents.

Next week, we will carry on looking at our Senses and at Celebrations around the World.

Our Literacy focus will be poetry (both rhyming and non-rhyming) and the differences between that and prose.  In Maths, we will be learning about number, counting in 2s and 10s and about one more and one less.

We hope that by the end of next week, we will have looked at our Christmas production together (a letter went out today with the performance dates on it).


Year Two

This week in Year 2 we have been learning about Diwali. We watched a film retelling the legend of Ram and Sita, then we created our own story boards. Diwali is known as the festival of light because it is the triumph of light over darkness, symbolised by the candles and fireworks that welcomed Ram and Sita back to their home. We used clay to make our own Diva lamps, which we will decorate next week. We also welcomed Grandparents into school on Friday. As part of our Children in Need fundraising, we enjoyed lots of Pudsey and Superhero themed activities. In the afternoon we made firework pictures and performed firework poems. 

Next week we will be creating our own Mr Men stories and beginning to work on our Christmas production.


This Week in year 3

On Monday we had a fabulous trip to the cinema to watch 'Believe" a film about young footballers.  We have also begun looking at explanatory texts and the key features. In our topic work we have begun a new set of activities looking at the body and healthy eating.  In PE we have a new football coach, Mr Maker' who will also running a girls football club every Tuesday. Friday was 'Children in Need' and 'Grandparents to School Day'. We have all had a great time completing lots of different superhero themed activities.


This week in year 4;

We have been reacting to the recent news that, after England's traumatising (thanks Billy!) World Cup performance, the government have decided that all children in school must take part in weekly rugby training. This new government policy (which we have completely made up) aims to make our national team more successful at the next world cup. We discussed this proposal in our classes and wrote a discussion to consider both sides of the argument - ask your child what they decided! On Friday, our grandparents visited us and were brilliant at helping us to design Modroc masks, create our own comics and movies, make huge dens to hide in and so much more - thanks grandparents!


Week ending 6th November 2015



Our wonderful Tag Rugby teams did very well this week with one team winning the overall competition and the other (put together the day before) holding their own and really enjoying the experience.


Year R-4 have been looking at the brain this week, so make sure you ask your child about brain cells and neural pathways, as well as learning stars and much more. I was told by a young man in year 3 that we had millions of brain cells, 'but Mr Benson if you don't use them, you'll lose them', that's me told.


At Little Learners this week we have:

 Melted chocolate in the microwave and dipped apples into it. First we had to wash the apples and push sticks into them.

Made firework pictures using black paper, coloured chalks and glitter.

We explored textures and colours by mixing glitter into shaving foam, corn flour and water. We collected leaves from outside and mixed them in too! It was fun and very messy! We pretended we were making dinner!

We used the real tools to practice our fine motor skills and learn about safety.

We have a new large inflatable wheel to use in the garden. We took turns to roll around in it and push it round the garden.

We moved to music pretending to be fireworks; it was fun twirling around, it made us dizzy!

We talked about firework displays and the noise and colour of fireworks.


Brain Awareness Week


This week we have been learning about our brains and how we can make them work even better.

Each day we have completed activities to add ‘Learning Stars’ to our brains. We then added these to an actual star which was glued into our ‘Brain Book’.

  • We made ‘Learning Star’ hats  and created a ‘Learning Star’ book
  • We went on an autumn walk to collect natural items for our discovery table and used our sense of touch to describe the textures.
  • We watched the video of last year’s Reception class learning how to dance ‘Bollywood’ style and we had ago ourselves
  • We took part in a ‘blind’ taste test to use our sense of taste and decide which tastes we liked and which we did not like
  • We used our sense of smell when we made dough and added our favourite scent to it. We could choose vanilla, peppermint or ginger.
  • We learnt about Guy Fawkes and some of us acted out the story
  • We use  our sense of hearing when we went on a listening walk.


This week in Year One…

  • We learnt about the different parts of our brain.
  • We looked at how our brains work.
  • We made (and labelled) brain hats.
  • We talked about how neurons make connections in our brain.
  • We learnt about electrical circuits in Science and used them to make a model of how our neurons work.
  • We learnt about memory tricks.
  • We learnt a brain song.
  • We learnt about the different ways of being smart and how practice helps ‘grow’ our brains.
  • We did lots of PE, using both sides of our bodies and brains.
  • We learnt about how to keep our brains healthy and made “brain food” (fishcakes).

Next week, we will be learning about our Senses and also about Diwali. 

PE next Tuesday will be outdoors, weather permitting.  On Thursday, we will begin our Dance lessons.


Year 2

We talked about how important our brains are. We found out about the different areas of the brain and created brain hats. We learnt that each half or hemisphere of the brain controls the opposite half of our body, as well as skills such as singing, reading, writing or dancing. We talked about how we could use both halves of our brains to help us improve our learning. We took part in a range of multi-sports as exercise helps to keep our brains healthy. We also discovered that it is important to give our brains time to relax so we explored using Zentangles to create in pictures. We learnt that different foods keep our brains healthy and made some fishcakes using ingredients that support healthy brain functions.  We used different memory techniques to learn some poems to share with the class. During the week each of the KS1 teachers ran a different workshop. Mrs Wood taught us techniques to help us remember new information and we played some memory games.  Mr Roche helped us to devise some dance sequences to get extra blood pumping through our brains through exercise. With Mrs Dell, we explored the idea of different learning styles, helping us to find out what sort of learners we were. Mr Wilkinson used simple electrical circuits to show how the pathways in our brains were linked and to help us picture what neurons look like. 


Year Three

This week has been brain awareness week! We have been learning about our amazing brains and how they work. Every morning we have exercised for 5 minutes followed by a sensible, sustainable breakfast. We have made brain hats showing which parts of our brain are responsible for different senses. We have also played memory games. Through our ‘round robin’ sessions we have;

  • Learnt how our brains work and how neurons transmit messages, we even made a model!
  • Found out about all the different ways we can be smart and how to improve different areas.
  • Explored different activities to develop our creative thinking skills.
  • Learnt about how our memory works and some clever tricks to help our memory work more effectively.

Next week we will be continuing to learn about our amazing bodies and how to keep healthy.


Year Four

This week has been brain awareness week and year 4 have been learning lots about the brain. They started their week by testing their memories using a series of quizzes. During the week they have learnt about how the brain works including what neurons look like and have made their own neuron to take home. They used the neurons they made to build a class brain. Year 4 have also learnt about being different types of smart and how they can use this to help them learn more in lessons. They have discovered different ways of improving their memories and learning, including making up stories to remember words and pictures and practicing problem solving skills so that their brains can do this more effectively.



Week ending 23rd October 2015

Overall Achievements

Mars Class won 'Healthiest Class' again!

Reception won 'Tidy Classroom' award

15 postcards were sent home as well as special mentions for Netball teams and Young Leaders.

4 Children received Writer of the Week Awards 

Well Done all. 


We also raised a staggering £602 for Send a Cow!! Thank you everyone.


At Little Learners this week we have:

 Carved  faces in pumpkins, it was fun and very messy! There were lots of seeds in the pumpkins, if we plant them we can grow more pumpkins!

Threaded wool onto a paper plate to make a spiders web; then we put our hands in paint and did hand prints to make spiders.

We played with spooky creatures mixed into spaghetti, it was very slimy!

We made cheese straws in the cooking room, they were yummy!

We made a big Halloween house; it was covered in witches, pumpkins and scary ghosts. We had lots of fun colouring it in.

We practised putting our numbers in order by placing cut out spooky images in the correct sequence to make a picture.

We decorated biscuits with green and orange icing and lots of bits and pieces to make Halloween biscuits.

We had a dress up day for Halloween, everyone looked scary!


Reception we have been learning;

This week in P.E. we have been using floor ladders to develop our running action focusing on lifting our knees, jumping with two feet together and balancing on one leg.

We have completed our Reception Baseline Assessment.

We watched a video about harvest time sent to us by Mrs Hamilton-Crickmay and contributed to our harvest charity ‘Send a Cow’ by bringing in coins and making them into snakes in the hall.

We have been talking about autumn and taking leaf rubbings which will be added to our autumn display.

Mrs Kirby and Miss Baines have been away for two days First Aid training.

Next term:

We are starting the term off with a ‘Brain Awareness’ week where we will learn about how our brain works and ways in which we can make it work better.

We will then be continuing our journey to London and Milton Keynes before finishing in Bethlehem with our Christmas Nativity plays.


Year 1 Learning Journey this week

This week in Year 1, we:-

Have been continuing to write our Mr Men stories

Have been designing front covers for our books

Have learnt what a “blurb” is for (and have tried to write our own!)

Have been learning about shapes in Maths.

Finished our pompom kiwis and sheep

Learnt about the Maori legend of Maui and the Big Fish (which tells how the North Island of New Zealand was created)

Created Stick and Ink kiwi pictures

Carried on learning Pokarakara Ana

After half term, it will be Brain Awareness Week.  All the children in Years 1 and 2 will be taking part in lessons to learn about how their brains work and how we can make them work harder.


Key Stage 1 Overview of Half term (Autumn 2)

We will start the term with Brain Awareness week.  The children will be learning about the brain, how it works and what we can do to make it work more effectively.  We will then continue this learning by looking at the five senses in both our Science and Literacy work.

We will be looking at three key religious festivals this half term: Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas.  Given the importance of light in these festivals, we will be learning about light in Science.  We will be looking at the special food, costumes and music associated with these cultures and will be cooking some of the food ourselves.

In the final part of the half term, we shall be learning about Christmas around the world and will be preparing for our Christmas production.


Here's what's been happening in Year 2 this week.

This week in Year 2 we have been using contents pages, indices and glossaries to learn new facts and key vocabulary in a quick and efficient way. Also, this knowledge of non-fiction texts and how they work has helped us to develop our booklets on our chosen countries, which are nearing completion ready for the class swap on Friday where the children from Mars will be learning about Japan from Neptune's booklets and Neptune will  be learning about Australia from the booklets made by the children from Mars.

We have made a big contribution to the Send a Cow charity with our amazingly long coin snakes! The children were really excited to lay out their coins and see how long a line they made. The results from Year 2 were that whilst Mars had the longer snake at a whopping 43.30 metres the Neptune snake was more beautiful albeit six metres shorter at 37.30 metres. The children also heard some songs and watched an interesting play performed by the children in Key Stage 2 which explained how their money would help people in Africa. Again, a big thank you for all contributions which will go to a really good cause.


Year 3 Weekly Overview this week

In year 3 this week we have been celebrating harvest. As part of this we performed in the harvest assembly which was a great success. Well done everyone! In class, we have been exploring a variety of techniques to create some harvest themed artwork. These include:

Using different printing techniques to create fields

Using water colours to create backgrounds and  then using ‘blow painting’ to create trees

Making 3D pumpkins by attaching different length strips of card

Observational drawings of fruit and vegetables

Creating leaves using paint and shaving foam to create a patterned effect  

Using wax resist and Brusho to create our own pumpkin pictures.

After half term we will be having ‘Brain Awareness Week’ where will be finding out about our amazing brains and how to use them more effectively. Please remember homework is also due on the first Wednesday back (4th November).

Have a great half term! 


Year 4 this week

This week in year 4, we performed our Harvest Festival assembly. Moon class showed off artwork they had created using a variety of different materials. They used paints, collage materials, pencils, colouring pencils, charcoal and leaves to create images of fruit and vegetables, focusing on the details in the textures of the food. Saturn class, on the other hand, performed a Ugandan welcome song called “I’m Excited to Get to the Mountain”, which took a lot of practice. We collected copper coins which we made into coin snakes (and which Mrs Ashby and Mrs O’Reilly are still counting). Saturn class formed the longest snake in the whole school – a whopping 105 metres, while Moon class came a respectable 4th with 52 metres.

We continued with our Independent Activities, finding out how we can stay in control when we’re online, creating information texts and reporting on important rugby matches.


Leedon Lower School PE

Curriculum Sept – Oct

This half term your child has been learning about and participating in the following activities;

Reception: - Core skills of Agility, Balance, Jumping and movement

Year 1: Introduction to Tag Rugby, Core skills of Agility, Jumping and movement.

Year 2:  Tag Rugby and Multi skills activities of Agility, Balance, Endurance and co-ordination.

Year 3: Introduction to Netball and Tag Rugby

Year 4: Swimming or Dance and Netball.

Sports News:

Leedon have taken part in all of the Leighton and Linslade School Games competitions this term.

Results were as follows;

Year 3/4 Football A and B teams both finished in 3rd Place in their respective competitions.

Year 2 Fun Run Boys team finished in 2nd Place and the girls team in 1st.

Year 4 Fun Run Boys Team finished in 3rd Position and the girls team in 5th.

Year 4 High 5 Netball A team finished in 5th Position out of 20 and the B team 9th.

The 3 and 4 Tag Rugby club went to Southcott Lower school to play a match, which was very evenly contested and gave 24 of our players the chance to experience a proper match.

18 of our Year 4 Children have undertaken training to become sports leaders and organised a KS1 sports festival.

Curriculum Nov-Dec

Next half term your child will be learning about and participating in the following activities;

Reception: - Core skills of Agility, Balance, Jumping, movement with the introduction of hand eye co-ordination.

Year 1: Tag Rugby, Multi skills of Agility, Balance, Co-ordination and movement skills.

Year 2:  Uni Hockey and Multi skills activities of Agility, Balance, Endurance and co-ordination.

Year 3: Quick Sticks and Football

Year 4: Swimming or Multi Sports and Quick sticks.

Sports Clubs in November

Year 3/4 Tag Rugby

Year 2,3 and 4 Girls Football

Year 4 Tag Rugby Tournament

Year 1,2,3,4 Inclusion Festival.



Week Ending 16th October 2015

Overall Achievement

Five children were presented in assembly with awards for Writer of the Week and five more for Scientist of the week.


Mars Class won both the ‘Tidy Classroom’ award and ‘Healthiest Class’ award for their travel to school last week.


Neptune Class won the attendance award for 100% attendance last week!!


Ten Head Teacher postcards have been posted, so hopefully they will arrive tomorrow.


Little Learners

Planted tulips and daffodils in the front garden and talked about size such as big/small, tall/short and the shape of the bulbs. We have also talked about what the bulbs need to grow.

We went on a walk around the school grounds and visited the animals. We also collected some leaves and used them to do leaf printing.

We explored different textures such as leaves, earth, jelly and gloop! We mixed bugs and skeletons into the jelly and it was fun trying to find them!

Our home corner has been made into a spooky house ready for Halloween! We have been using our imagination to make ‘potion’ using spiders, snakes and bugs. We have also been exploring the shape and texture of real vegetables in our home corner; we especially liked the pumpkin, it is very heavy!

In the cooking room we made fairy cakes; we helped to weigh out the ingredients, mix it up and put them in the oven. When they were cool, we iced them. We also helped to clean up afterwards. The cakes were yummy!



In Literacy we

-created maps for the ’Naughty Bus’.

-labelled parts of the bus.

-wrote and illustrated our own short stories about the ‘Naughty Bus’.


Outside we have had lots of fun using the large wooden blocks to build our own ‘Naughty Bus’.

We have painted stars in our favourite colour to create our own display of ‘Reception Stars’.

We have started to use the mini ipads to take photographs of each other, deleting the pictures we do not like and saving the ones we do like.

In P.E. we have been moving in different ways- jumping, hopping, moving sideways and running backwards.

In Spanish we are learning to count to ten.

We have started ‘Secret Student’ and are looking forward to achieving our ‘Secret Student’ treat very soon.

Next Week:

 We will add our photo and our name to our star. We will complete our work on colour mixing and use this to create a display of the seasons.  Look out for a picture of this on the school website.


Year 1

This week in Year 1, we:-

  • Have been learning about the Kiwi
  • Have been grouping and sharing in maths
  • Sorted and shared Conkers
  • Have been learning about Tiki masks (and have made some of our own!)
  • Have made Pompoms to make Kiwis or sheep with
  • Investigated bubbles in Science (inspired by Rotarua – check the website for Mr Wilkinson’s secret bubble recipe!)
  • Watched a volcano erupt in the kitchen garden (Cola and Mentos)
  • Learned about Story openers and time connectives in literacy
  • Made posters to advertise New Zealand

Next week we will:-

  • Find out more about the Maori and their beliefs
  • Investigate how to make the perfect bubble
  • Look at 2-D and 3-D shapes in Maths
  • Create our own Mr Men library


Year 2

This week in Year 2 we have been learning all about the features of non-fiction texts.  Try looking at a non-fiction together; can your child find the contents page, glossary, caption, subheadings or labels?  

We are creating our own information booklets about Japan or Australia, which we will be sharing between the classes. We are learning how to make an impact with presentation and lettering and mixing photographs with our own drawings.  

In Maths we have been counting in multiples of 2 or 3 and naming and sorting 2d shapes.

Next week we will be sharing our booklets with Year 1 and learning more about the habitats and life cycle of animals.


Year Three

In Year Three this week we have been continuing our work on non-chronological reports in Literacy. Using information from a website called Kids World Travel Guide, we have found facts about the countries which are in the world cup. We have added this information to our growing collection of geographical facts from around the world. Because the quarter-finals of the world cup are about to start, we have guessed who we think will win the overall tournament and have completed a secret vote to predict the winners. During ILA lessons, we have learned how to use a Green Screen APP to pretend that we are at the Twickenham Stadium and have filmed a commentary for a recent rugby match in Pluto and Venus class have been awarded certificates for completing the Twickenham Trials story. 


Year Four

This week in year 4 we have been busy preparing for our Harvest Assembly. We have practised singing the Conker song (hopefully so much that you know all the words at home) and have learned two more songs for assembly – Harvest Song and Harvest Samba. We have also begun to create some things for the occasion, but we’re keeping those quiet for now! In literacy this week, we have been learning about discussion texts and discovering how to put forward a balanced argument. We are looking forward to the Rugby World Cup Final as we will be looking back at it after half term.



Week Ending 9th October


Reception Classes
In Reception this week we have made cress sandwiches with the cress we have grown in healthy eating. We have been writing our own story books about the ‘Naughty Bus’ and its adventures, using the phonics skills we have been working on every day. During our Maths we have practised counting to 20 and back to 0, writing our numbers, putting our numbers in the correct order and counting how many different objects we needed for a given number.  Outside we have had lots of fun in our mud kitchen. Colour mixing has taught us how to make some new colours. In P.E. we found our own space and moved in different directions. During child initiated activities and News writing we have been improving our emergent writing skills.
On our D.T. table we have used lots of different materials to create our own buses and other vehicles. We love learning the song, ‘World in Union’ for the Rugby World Cup.


Year One Classes

This week in Year 1, we:-

  • Created our own Mr Men character and used adjectives to describe them
  • Began to act out, plan and storyboard our own Mr Men story
  • Learnt about One More and One Less in maths
  • Found out a little about New Zealand
  • Started to learn the Ka Mate Haka and listened to a song written in the Maori language
  • Had Scooterbility training in the playground
  • Learnt about moving forwards, backwards and sideways safely in PE
  • Started to develop our Rugby skills by playing tagging games

Next week we will:-

  • Learn a little more about New Zealand, including some Maori art
  • Continue to develop our Mr Men stories, ready to make our own class Mr Men book
  • Start to learn a traditional song from New Zealand: Pokarakara Ana


Year Two Classes

This week in Year 2 we have been writing poems about rugby; we used our senses to think about the sights and smells that might be on a rugby pitch. We have also been discovering more about some of the countries that are taking part in the Rugby World Cup; Mars class have been exploring Australia and Neptune have found out more about Japan. We have used our focus country to inspire art work, stories and music. We have created some super dot art in Mars class and in Neptune we have some amazing Manga master pieces.

Next week we will be writing our own traditional stories and using adverbs to make our writing more exciting.


Year Three Classes
In Year Three this week we have been writing non-chronological reports about our school. We also have a new child in each of our classes who has come to help us improve our writing - they’re invisible! In science we have started to sort Australian and Canadian animals into herbivore, carnivore and omnivore categories. As part of our art we have made a jointed man to create a rugby picture. Our focus in ICT is e-safety which includes talking to children about how to stay in control when on the internet. Next week we will begin practising our Harvest Assembly which will be on Wednesday 21st October.


Year Four Classes
In year 4 this week, the children have worked on a selection of independent activities including using a jointed man to draw a rugby player in action; sorting indigenous animals from one of the World Cup teams into groups of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores; and treating injured players at our sports clinic. In literacy lessons the children have been working on writing their own newspaper articles. We have looked at the features of recounts and written about last weekend – when aliens invaded! We have heard about aliens disguised as chickens, aliens who arrived through a wormhole and a set of particularly daring extra-terrestrials who set out to steal the crown jewels! We have continued to read our story ‘Bootsie You’re 8’.

Week Ending 16th October